11 December 2007

Gift-giving on a budget -- a rough ride for us all

I've been avoiding the gift-giving suggestion post for several reasons, primary among them that I'm not particularly good nor well-seasoned at the practice.

So first, I want to thank the very patient readers who asked for help in this area, some of whom I'm embarrassed to admit have been waiting since late October for me to finally put forth a few ideas.

In years past, instead of offering small but meaningful gifts to everyone in my social circle, I would usually choose the one person whose friendship touched me the most that year and invest in a bigger gift for her/him and send cards to the others.

This year, however, I've had too many people who've meant too much to me for there to be just one recipient of my gift-giving wishes.

Therefore, like most of you have done for years, I've had to dip into the $25-and-under idea bin five times over this season - a bin, which, unless you're innately creative (I am not), artistically inclined (I am so not) or a good cook (not sure, haven't tried), can be very, very empty.

Or worse, full of crap.

Instead of starting from scratch or reaching for the December issue of Lucky for help on what kind of scented soap my BFF is "sure to love," I did what any blogger would do: I searched my own site to see if I'd written anything on the topic of girlfriend gift-giving.

Thankfully, I came across this post.

In addition to what you'll find there, here are four new items I'd like to include:

(1) a kicky pair of party tights

(2) a keep-for-a-lifetime holiday book, personalized with a meaningful memory

(3) this, because even though it doesn't scream "gift," every woman must own it

(4) find something on eBay like a vintage photograph of the small town where she spent her childhood Summer vacations or a first (or second) edition of her favorite book


m street admirer said...

This $100-and-under idea just made my day:

$50 in singles and four drinks on you at Camelot

Anonymous said...

I never thought about just giving one person a more expensive present...maybe you're onto something there!

manhattan_darling said...

I want those party tights for myself in Mica! Hot!

intern in the city said...

just in time! thanks for this.

cassie said...

great ideas.

Anonymous said...

ASJiNE's most recommended shoe, the CK Joecylin is now available in patent black in sizes 9.5, 10 and 11 for the rather lovely price of $69.99.

None of those sizes will fit me...but if they would you, get thee to dillards.com

Don't thank me, just let me know if and when either DC Zara store has a sale. Can we all agree to let each other know...

Anonymous said...

do you have wild metabolism? you look about 10 pounds heavier in this profile photo than the ones you took in the dressing room a couple of weeks ago. I think you look better here (honestly), but it's very odd.

Johanna said...

anonymous 5:07-

If I could hug you, I would - this is *exactly* what I needed to read as I unplug my iPod, head over to the gym and climb on that treadmill.

I love my readers.


Anonymous said...

as a former LM eye basics junkie, i can't tell you how much better urban decay's eyeshadow primer potion is at keeping eyeshadow and liner put literally all day long. i have woken up from long nights of partying with all my makeup perfectly intact. it is a miracle...and cheaper!

love Laura Mercier products said...

anon 6:26, I've tried both and I actually prefer the LM version for 2 reasons. First, I think it's more moisturizing and smooths on more easily than UD's. Second, I like that LM's serves as an eyelid concealer as well as a base. In the winter my eyelids tend to get a little red, and I need the color in Eye Basics to camo all that.

katherine said...

just printed out your list and takin' it shopping with me! you have 5 friends to buy for, but I have 11, so I'm looking at your $10 and under section mostly.

Anonymous said...

Well, I loved the John Wayne dvds you gave me last year. I don't think a week's gone by without me watching The Searchers or The Cowboys (fathers and sons - every man reacts to that movie).

Not that I wouldn't welcome the kicky tights.

Yours (in a manly way)


Maxie said...

I always find super-cute stuff at Target in the $1 bins... this year I found an assortment of different color metallic clutches... for a dollar. I just don't understand how anything can cost only $1. They also had cute jewelry and big gift bags in the bin... anyone on a super tight budget should check there.

laura said...

Johanna! I hope you weren't serious; you, of course, do not look anything other than slender and lovely, in the current picture or any picture. I mean, work out if you enjoy it, but you certainly don't need to for the benefit of your readers. Either the "good" ones or the crazies. :)

Johanna said...


This year's prezzie is even better. For serious. Just you wait...


one of the few downsides to living in the city without a car is that Target might as well be Kitson on Robertson. The only opportunities I have to hit up the bullet are when I'm back in MI.

Good advice, though!


Oh, that's sweet of you to say, but truth be told, I really *was* on my way to the gym when I read anon's comment. She didn't motivate me to put on my shorts and sports bra, but she did motivate me to increase my speed an extra .2 mph.

"Take that, 'wild metabolism'!" I said to myself.

nighty night,