27 November 2007

The lone downside to living a 24/7 sky-high existence

Yesterday, a very persistent reader posed not once but twice the question of to where she should take her heels before they get to the point where they look like this jacked-up mess you see above.*

Given my unwillingness to recognize what the locals here like to call "commuter shoes," the worn-out heel is a wardrobe-limiting annoyance with which I'm frequently faced and one for which I've resigned to pay $2.65/pair every four to six weeks for the rest of my natural born life.

Fortunately for me, that $2.65 buys me one hell of a great patch-up job. Unfortunately for you, that $2.65 is paid to John. Of John's Shoe Repair. In the Frandor Shopping Center. In Lansing, Michigan.

So, as I've done before with tailors, I leave the forum open to you to offer your recommendations for reliable local cobblers. Please include their address or phone number and approximate price range.

Thank you!

*if the thought even crossed your mind that I was referring to the angel-white dollop of perfection on the right, please to flog thyself and then text him - in full sentence form only - a most sincere apology


Anonymous said...

George's Repair has two locations on U St (at 13th and 16th)and heel replacement runs $12-15. Cobbler's Bench also does a decent job and it's only $10. Like Johanna, I'm resigned to my heels taking a beating and would rather invest in repair than a new pair.

K said...

I am always visiting Golden Shoe Repair in Arlington, on Randolph St. in Ballston. $10 for heel replacement, including cleaning up scuffs and scrapes on the heel and a lovely shoe shine.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to break this to you, but...HE'S A DOG. there's nothing creepier than a girl who's obsessed with her pet.

Kate said...

Anon 8:53: What's creepier than a girl who's obsessed with her pet is a girl who's obsessed with harassing a blogger.

For shoes, I like the guy in the basement of the Washington Square building, on CT and L (under Morton's). He charges $10 and does a great job. I find that the heel replacement he uses are very good quality, and always last much longer than the original heels.

Johanna said...

anon 8:53-

well, color me creepy, 'cause I live and die by my little one. and yes, he's the background on all three of my computers.

and his likeness may or may not be sculpted into the side of my coffee mug.


samantha said...

Boo to Anon 8:53. I also live and die by my precious animal!! Pets keep you emotionally stable, happy, and are proven to help you live longer. Therefore, being obsessed with a pet is not "creepy" but instead is very healthy!!

MKO said...

Cutie!! His coat of hair looks gorgeous. As for the shoe situation, my heels ALL look like that - it's kind of shameful. I have a friend who wears flats to work and then switches shoes on the carpeted surface at work but I am not disciplined enough.

holiday said...

$2.65 is so cheap!!! I swear by Wilfred at Best Foot Forward. He's located at Pentagon Row right next to Cost Plus World Market. I think I pay $7 to get heel caps replaced which is the market price in DC.

Kiki said...

$2.65?!?! Johanna, can we start shipping shoes home with you?

I've used the Cobbler's Bench on Connecticut and L as well but I think he charged me $12/pair. I have about 10 pairs that need to be done, so this is going to be quite an investment.

Burtie said...

What about a dog that's obsessed with a girl? Is that creepy?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a proud member of the creepy club, because I, too, am obsessed with my perfect pet.

Surely, anon, you realize what a joke your comment is.

Montesquieu said...


Nothing. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I heart you,
your platonic same-sex life partner

tsk tsk said...

Amazing hair, amazing 3/4 length sleeve coat, amazing t-strap stilettos, that beautiful face...

Why did you have to ruin it all with bare legs? Come on, Jo, it's almost December! And I know you were cold, because you had your hands stuffed into your pockets, so don't even try the "Oh, it was cold, was it?" line.

me! said...

Sam Torrey Shoe Service
5267 Lee Hwy
Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 532-4933

They saved my favorite pair of black heels... Expensive but worth it - the steel points haven't broken through since September.

Anonymous said...


From the gentleman's side of the room,
I'd like to add Victor's Place, at 1001 14th St NW (right next to the Starbucks), ph:202-682-3835. hrs are M-F 8-6.

I've used Cobbler's Bench too; for me though, the downside is the nervewracking wait sometimes as he hunts around trying to find your shoes. Still, I've got 2 pairs in with him right now getting scuffs fixed.

Anonymous said...

Do you know about these:

http://www.smartheel.com/web/default.htm ?

Or does that ruin the whole aesthetic?

BerryGirl said...

There is a place in Union Station, down by the food court, can't remember the price, but it's probably $10-15, they will do it while you wait.

Johanna said...

tsk tsk-

Damn it. You saw that?

The truth is, I have a nasty, half-dollar size 2nd-degree burn on the top/side of my right foot from a nasty patch of steam I encountered in Chelsea two weekends ago, and doctor's orders are to keep it "aired" at all times until it heals. I wore my only clean pair of work-appropriate trousers yesterday and thus had no choice but to wear a skirt today.

No tights makes me a sad, sad girl. And a FREEZING one, too.

Thankfully, I'm in the confines of my 82-degree office (Brooke can verify) right now, warm and snug as a bug.

thanks for noticing (eye roll),

Anonymous said...

I will second Sam Torrey in Arlington. I live in the district but I trek out there just to see him. No bedside manner - he can be a little gruff if you are late in picking up your shoes.

erin said...

I wouldn't date a guy who didn't accept my "creepy" obsession with my dog. It's either my Barney-bear's way or the highway, I like to say!

Sarah said...

Fortuna in Bethesda is the best for shoe repair/cleaning up etc.

m said...

There is a place on the South side of Pennsylvania Ave SE between 6th and 7th (661?) that does an absolutely awesome job it is right near that recently opened vintage store. He even works on Sundays! I can't remember the name right now though.

Anonymous said...

guys, can you include the cost of heel lift repair for the places you are recommending? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I have the BEST shoe repair. Don at Old Town Shoe & Luggage repair, 726 Kind St in Old Town Alexandria. He fixed a pair of metallic Louboutins eaten by the DC sidewalks and another pair of silver heels, amazing job! Recommended to me by the shoe dept. at SFA at Tyson's. Fixing the heels for both shoes was a total of $10. The work was worth 10x that!

Anonymous said...

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