23 November 2007

Keep those spending fingers warm!

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here in mid-Michigan it is so cold (think low-20s) that on this day, the biggest shopping-a-polooza of the year, your spendaholic author is firmly planted indoors, inches away from one fireplace, feet away from another, bedecked in three layers of double-ply fleece, two long-sleeve t-shirts, size-L sweatpants, and though it's pushing the Christmas season a bit, her adult-size, red and white snowflake-emblazoned turtleneck onesie.

74 degrees may seem to most who live in this tundra a reasonable temperature at which to set one's thermostat, but to a girl who's used to walking her dog in booty shorts and flip-flops at 2am in mid-November and whose own abode usually hovers around jungle in July climate, the baby and I might as well have set foot in f**king Antarctica.

So, in the spirit of constant complaining to my eye-rolling parents about my preciousness' and my near-frostbitten extremities, I thought I'd take the time to put together a selection of fashion-over-function dress gloves.

And for those of you who, like myself, decided to purchase a 3/4-length sleeved Winter coat, I went out of my way to reward your impracticality with several up-to-and-over-the-elbow styles as well.


Leather button dress gloves by Jil Sander
($185 at yoox.com)
Super long leather gloves by Top Shop
£35 at topshop.com
Suede shorty gloves by Carolina Amato
Ladylike gloves by Urban Outfitters
Elongated wool gloves by Hoss Intropia
Dotted line gloves*
Long leather gloves by Banana Republic
Leather bow gloves by J. Crew
($69.99 at jcrew.com)
Cashmere mittens by Merona
($19.99 at target.com)
Knit detail cashmere gloves by Kashmere
($36 at bluefly.com)
Leather long gloves by Portolano
($57 at bluefly.com)
Long cashmere gloves by Portolano*
($105 at saks.com)

*your editrix's top picks


Anonymous said...

since when did Banana Republic get so expensive??? The ones from Target are the only ones I could afford and of course they're my least favorite. Oh well.

dc girl said...

just ordered the ones from Anthro. They're so adorable!

Anonymous said...

My shopping day began at 4am. I'm spent...which explains why Oprah's on in the background, but thought I'd mention that the creator of Spanx appeared on the show today.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel with the temperature issues - my family thinks that 65 degrees is acceptable - ha! We have a thermostat war going on even as I type...

Anonymous said...

even though I have a full length sleeved coat, I'm tempted to invest in some long cashmere gloves like the ones from Saks. $105 is super pricey, but I figure they're so pricey I'll be more careful not to leave them in the backseat of a taxi. I just checked and they also come in red and black. Red gloves would be pretty cool...

Alexandra said...

Yesterday it became clear then I can no longer wear my 3/4 sleeve jacket. It hurt me to admit it but there's a thin line between being where I was and frostbite...even those gorgeous gloves would probably not have helped.

tellin' like it is said...

who in their right mind would wear a 3/4 sleeved winter coat?? that's beyond fashion over function, in my opinion. that's just plain STUPID.

even so, some of these gloves are really desirable. I especially like the Jil Sander ones.

lila m. said...

I've been looking for a pair of electric blue cashmere gloves, and these come in under my budget! Yay!

Fellow DCer with a serious job said...

Glove question - how do you deal with a ring inside slim-fitting gloves? I wear a 2 carat diamond and have a terrible time with gloves, but you really can't go without in the winter. Thanks for any thoughts!

K said...

I love the long gloves. Just bought a $98 wool pair at the Co-op, nice and warm. Love.

Stay toasty!

Johanna said...

fellow dcer with a serious job-

I think what you'll have to do is either take the ring off during your outdoor time or opt for a less slim-fitting glove. On top of that, I might avoid all soft wool-lined gloves altogether for fear of snagging the stone each time you put on and take off your gloves. Saks sells a silk-lined pair for $135 -- if you order a few sizes up from what you'd normally wear, perhaps the area for your ring finger would be spacious enough so that you wouldn't have an issue with fitting that rock inside.

And if $135 is too much, just look around for similarly-lined options at places like Filene's, Macy's, etc.


commuter bird said...

I'm with anonymous 6:17. Even though my sleeves are long, I'm definitely picking up a pair of these super long cashmere gloves. They're like legwarmers but for your arms - score!

denver fan said...

I just got the bright blue ones as well! They're fabu!

Anonymous said...

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