21 November 2007

If I had a sugar daddy...

Moon dress by Roland Mouret
$2,150 at net-a-porter.com


Anonymous said...

Hello gorgeous. Tell me something... Why do you limit your yourself to commontary on the fashion failings and triumphs of the fairer sex? Open up and share some wisdom with those red blooded men living in the land of Meijer and Cabela's. While most guys that pass themselves off as lobbyists/DC mannequins may have the shake on what eye cream is appropriate this season, there is a demographic of men that wants to retain their masculinity and still look good. Yes there are still "men" out there that would never ask for but would eagerly accept fashion advice from a beautiful and discerning woman. Dont get me wrong, we are not going to give up our blaze orange during pheasant season or trade our Miller Lite for manicures and fruity martinis.. but we might be having a hell of a time pairing a tie with a dead sexy subtle glen plaid suit we just picked up. Come on... break your mold! Tease us - You know you want to. Oh.. and to challenge you a bit lets do a "if I had a sugar mama/since I dont (yet) twist as well eh?

alabama said...

this is the Posh on the soccer field dress, no?


Johanna said...


yes! the post I wrote, I believe, was called, "when my least favorite color happens to my favorite dress." She wore it in pink, and it was blasphemous.


lady in l.a. said...

that dress is drop dead gorgeous.

Johanna said...

anonymous 12:53-

The reason why I haven't really touched men's fashion, is because I can't discuss it with nearly the same level of authority as I can women's. Not that I'm by any means an expert on the latter, but with menswear, I haven't the slightest idea what slims, what accentuates and what coloring looks best on what skintone. Frankly, I only have my gut to work with.

I could write something on what *my taste* in men's fashion involves, but it would be purely "I like this" and "I like that" with little or no explanation.

I'll mull it over...in the meantime, visit Scott's site (at right, you'll see a link to his blog, "The Sartorialist") for much more in-depth analyses on this topic.


p.s. and there is nothing wrong with a man-manicure :-)

WendyB said...

Beautiful dress.