15 November 2007

I heart DC Style, pt. VI

Need help cracking the code of what to wear to a weekday, just-after-work holiday party? If you do (or you just happen to miss me today), click on over to my post at DC Style for some helpful tips and a few recommendations.

thoroughly enjoying my day off,


hs said...

thank you for writing this so far in advance - my office party is in the first week of December, and I've been desperately trying to find a dress that's both appropriate AND fun. I think I'm going to get that Sora dress by Theory. I love it, and I can wear it all year round.

you're a lifesaver,

severedgrrl said...

I think my fave is the Maggy London. This would also be perfect for my climate (its 81 in SoCal today).

I'm from san diego, but I'm in DC as my cousin lives there. It's a little bit trendy, but a favorite boutique there is Lettie Gooch, near Howard. There's also a fantastic cupcake store nearby.



dc lawyer said...

keeping your workmates' spouses in mind is crucial. those women never forget. admittedly I do the same up and down judging when I meet the females from my husband's office.