13 November 2007

Before we have to start buying for others...

We've all been told it's better to give than to receive.

Yeeeah, okay I can see that. I guess I get the flutters when I open the bag of chicken jerky and see the awed look of "Really, Mom? Really?" on my smuckerbug's face, and I'm pretty sure I remember a kind of warm rumble in my mid-section the last time I gave him a no-reciprocation-required paw massage.

But beyond those special moments, my favorite kind of giving is when I give myself something pretty, something in the way of a nice wool-jersey blend with cute pouf-sleeves and an of-interest neckline. Or maybe something of the fitted black cashmere variety. Or something high-waisted in a nice houndstooth.

You get the point.

The best store for this sort of me-to-me gift giving is without doubt the Narnia of neutrals, the don't-worry-it's-okay-to-wear-all-black-in-here haven known as Club Monaco. And thanks to reader 'holiday,' we all now have an excuse to head over there (unfortunately, they don't sell their clothing online) between 11/15 and 11/19 for some serious good-deal shopping.

Outlook it, ladies -- you don't want to let this opportunity slip away.

*note: make sure to print out the above advert and bring it with you when you visit the Club Monaco location nearest you


Dave said...

I don't really have much of a response to this post, but I was 41st on the last one. I want to be first here. When it comes to the dog though, it's always rewarding to give.

greta said...

thank you! thank you! thank you! I just turned down a skirt I loved because it was just over my price limit. with this discount, it'll be under that limit. you're an angel!

Johanna said...


You're my first ever "I want to be first" comment! That's a real milestone!

I'm feeling the reward right now watching Monte pounce and dance around his carob "eclair" -- Mommy's guilt prezzie for coming home so late tonight.


What fortuitous timing! I'm so happy to help :-)


Dave said...

There is a virginity joke in there somewhere, but it'd probably be in poor taste so I won't come up with it.

Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for posting this - in desperate need of some new clothes... funny thing about Club Monaco is, i remember it used to be like The Gap back in Canada and their sweatshirts were the most popular thing back in 8th grade...and look what it's become today!