26 October 2007

May-jah Friday (i.e., Poshin' up Casual Friday)

If I had a sugar daddy...

Glace calf handbag by Prada
($2,430 at saks.com)
Lantern-sleeve jacket by Hanii Y
($475 at net-a-porter.com)
Lace Victorian top by Tibi
Super 130s slouchy skinny pants by Helmut Lang*
($345 at barneys.com)
Patent pump by Alejandro Ingelmo
($465 at shopbop.com)

Since I don't (yet)

Etoile satchel by Elliott Lucca
($220 at amazon.com)
Nedia jacket by Diane von Furstenberg
($173 at queenbeegirls.com)
Emma blouse
($70 at jcrew.com) Skinny trousers by Semantiks
($88 at nordstrom.com)
Precious patent pump by Calvin Klein
($90 at zappos.com)

*wink to Hot Redhead Lawyer for showing me these


brown rowergirl said...

that Hanii Y jacket...swoon.

K said...

Exactly what I wanted to say - loooooove that may-jah lantern-sleeved jacket. LOVE.

Teek said...

It is seriously beautiful. Don't think I care for the droopy Lang pants but to each their own.

yuck! said...

EWWW those Semantiks pants are THISCLOSE to being mom pants.

I don't think this is a matter of being able to pull them off, they are just not fashionable.

Johanna said...


I only think those skinny trousers would look Mom-pants-ish if the wearer had large hips and or a flat ass, in which case, I would shoo them away from the high-waisted/skinny-leg look altogether. As long as we're all beanpole skinny-minnies with a perfect Biel bottom, there's nothing to worry about!

But yes, the Semantiks' pants aren't *ideal*. It's tough to find that silhouette in a "Since I don't (yet)" price-point. Trust.


p.s. I too crave the Hanii Y...

etcetera said...

where were those calvin klein pumps when i was looking for a new basic black pair? harrrrumph.

N said...

What are your thoughts on the wide-leg pant trend?

ataraxia said...

n - for the discussion on wide leg's read the July 25th, 2007 discussion.


Maxie said...

For those of you on my kind of salary (barely anything) I just got shoes that are REALLY close to the Calvin Klein's (without the detailing, though) at payless for 15 bucks. They're really comfy, too.

Teek said...

...Not that you asked me, but oh man, I love wide leg pants. Not high waisted wide-leg pants, but a nice swooshy trouser leg? My favorite pant shape, whether or not it's in vogue at the moment. Beware if you are: petite, extremely hippy, unwilling to wear heels, short torso'd, or very narrow in the shoulders. But I suspect they're less to Jo's taste than mine.

Try the "classic black wool pants" at Gap for a similar feel on the cheap if you're not the slim-fit/high-waist type.

Candid Cool said...

gorgeous prada

nyc admirer said...

good luck this weekend, gorgeous!

Johanna said...


I do like wide-legged trousers, but at present, I'm obsessed with two trends: high-waisted and skinny-legged. Not necessarily *together* (though in some cases, I do like that too) but at least one of the two in every skirt and pair of trousers or jeans I put on in the morning.

I much prefer a structured, fitted look, not a flowy, breezy one, which is why you don't see many wide-legged Palazzo pants or ethereal chiffon gowns on ASJiNE. But that said, I can appreciate a pair of wide-legged pants every now and again, so long as they're paired with a very slim blouse and a nice tall heel.

And who knows, maybe I'll be going through a wide-legged phase in a couple of months :-)


brown bear '02 said...

I want to throw my hat in the Hanii Y jacket love ring too. It is simply gorgeous.