24 October 2007

Lip liner and Lisa Rinna hair, Katie? Really?

You can't even begin to know how excited I get when red carpet photos of these two sneak their way onto the Internet.

Say what you will about them, their height difference, Tom's creepy-crawly control issues we are all more than a little guilty of assuming are true and those pesky rumors of how L. Ron Hubbard has them feeding their precious one an elixir of milk, corn syrup and barley water. Like my haircut and my dog, no matter how many sticks and stones detractors like to throw in their direction, some objects of my affection are such done-deals they're immune to criticism.

Katie and Tom, my absolute favorite celebrity couple, are one of my non-negotiables.

But just because outsiders' judgments of Katie's style and Tom's loony-tune-edness don't affect me, doesn't mean I'm unwilling to proffer a few questions of my own when I see what I see here at the Berlin premiere of Tom's new film, Lions for Lambs, last night.

For once, my attention is not drawn to the dress. Though to be perfectly honest, when I look at this silver strapless cocktail frock with sweetheart neckline, crystal-encrusted bodice and pleated flounce skirt, I'm more torn between "meh" and "not my favorite" than I am inclined to hand down a love-it/hate-it verdict.

My interest here isn't in the shoes, which I adore, which deserve a post in their own rite (despite their matchy-matchiness with the dress) and certainly earn her redemption after last week's shalt-not-be-brought-up-again mistake.

No, what most piques my critical interest here has nothing to do with anything Katie's wearing per se, it's more to do with what's going on upstairs, namely with those puffy, lined lips and that flippy, limp, aging-soap-star hairstyle.

Just a few days ago, we had the pleasure of seeing you look like this. And then this. What gives?

More of Katie looking curiously not herself from the neck-up:

And a couple of close-ups of her newly-slimmed calves (from running, perhaps?) and those to die for sparkly slingback, bow-adorned, five-plus-inch platform peep-toes...


Anonymous said...

those shoes are awful, Jo. really awful.

dc girl said...

No way, anon 6:18! Those are beautiful shoes! And Katie does look weird, very unnatural.

holiday said...

The dress is awful, but the hair is a little more Lisa Rinna don't you think?

Either way she looks mature beyond her years and Tom Cruise is looking more and more like a little boy. Peter Pan syndrome or something.

Johanna said...

Holy YES, Holiday, you are so right on with the Lisa Rinna comparison! I even went ahead and changed the post in light of your comment. Thank you!

Christine said...

I saw some shoes like that on Alloy of all places:

(why was I on Alloy.com? uhh, let's ignore that part)

london girl said...

Just as you were gettin' me aboard he KH train, this happens. Yick, she looks a right mess here. And holiday is right, that dress is heinous. But you're also right, the shoes (and her legs) are lovely.

ataraxia said...

One thing I can say in defense of Katie (having a similar haircut) is that things get boring after awhile and you have to change it up a little. After a couple of months of straighten/under and blowout/under it gets old. Some days i have to do a slight flipout because the hair is being stubborn. Maybe it was just one of those days :)

Kiki said...

those shoes are as good as the lips are bad.

K said...

Looks like KHo and BritBrit saw the same collagen injector last week. Holy puffy lip, Batman.

And holy Barbie shoes... in the best possible way. Fantasies.

Joanna said...

What just happened to Katie Holmes??????
She looks like Lisa Rinna and Joan Rivers!