23 October 2007

If I had a sugar daddy who had a sugar daddy...

Ruffle wrap dress by Brian Reyes
$2,035 at shopbop.com


brown bear '02 said...

so cute!

love this blog said...

Wait a few months (or weeks) and Zara will have a great knockoff. They are all about the dress with the front-pockets right now.

lady reporter said...

I must say, I don't like this dress. It looks "jailbird-lady clown" to me because of the stripe-ruffle combo. Although even in a solid color, I think it would still look a bit frumpy even with proper accessorizing.

Johanna said...

lady reporter-

I respectfully disagree on all fronts, but I'm guessing you're not much of a ruffle person if you think this dress looks the least bit clown-ish or frumpy -- or if you think it needs accessorizing of any sort! Pearl studs, a simple black patent round-toe stiletto and you'd be good to go. It's such a beautiful showpiece dress (the cut, the pattern, the pockets), I wouldn't dare muck it up with extraneous accessories.

but we can always agree to disagree...


lady reporter said...


Clearly I should have given some examples of proper accessorizing before any allusions to "extraneous accessories" came out. I thought I made myself clear when I described the dress as clown-like that I would definitely never endorse any sort of overaccessorized look. Believe me, the dress, in my opinion, is more than enough. I don't dislike ruffles, I just don't like this dress.

But that's just me. Fashion, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder.

Until the next fashion debate,

lady reporter

Johanna said...

lady reporter-

sorry, I think my reply came off a lot more biting than I meant it to...of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I'm glad you spoke up and offered your opinion. I get far too little of that on this site!