26 October 2007

I heart DC Style, pt. IV

There’s no hiding that I’m a heightist when it comes to footwear.

In my opinion, medical conditions aside, a three to five inch boost is always in a woman’s best interest. With legs lengthened, calves defined and confidence boosted, a woman in a pair of sky-high stilettos will walk out her front door feeling her best, ready to do her best.

That is, however, assuming she knows how to walk in them properly.

Like any daunting task, from speaking in public to making the first move on a smartly-dressed man 20 years your senior, learning to walk effortlessly in a skinny-stemmed high heel, especially in busy city environs, is no easy task. And while I applaud the many women in DC who seem to be working toward this goal by wearing what I like to call “training heels” (i.e., the sturdy, one-inch block-heeled pumps pictured above), I’ve come to a point after seeing many of you wear this one-step-away-from-Plymouth-Rock footwear for months, even years on end, where I must ask the question:

Haven’t you figured it out by now?

If your answer is, “yes,” what are you waiting for? Slip on those stilettos - I suggest these to start - and own your sexy, taller self as soon as possible!

If your answer is “yes…I think,” let’s graduate slowly to grown-up pumps with a wide-strapped Mary Jane, like these from Max Studio ($159.99 at heels.com), or a held-in-tight T-strap like these from Dolce Vita ($121 from pinkmascara.com). Either way, if you fall, at least your shoes will still be attached to your feet.

If your answer is “no,” then I suggest continuing to practice in the confines of your home and wearing a more pleasing-to-the-eye flat when you head out the door like this simple ballet flat from Scoop ($121 at scoopnyc.com) that comes in eight beautiful shades of satin-y stylish.

*for the DC Style version of this post, please head on over to their website


jk said...

Thought the older man age difference was a nice touch. Good luck this weekend!

Dave said...

You're running in heels? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Why did they change they "20 years your senior" to "15 years your senior"? Weird.

those t-straps are tremendous.

Joanna said...

The t-straps are the most fashion forward shoes these days, and imho, they beat the crap out of the peep toes. Next.

stuck in l.a. said...

Again, this version is sooo much better. I just don't like the layout they use over on DC Style's blog. I agree with anon 1:03, why take away 5 years? What diff does it make?