24 September 2007

Since I don't (yet)

Grey suede platform peep-toe pumps
$99 at Zara


LL said...

I went shoe shopping this weekend with some of your rules in mind. Unfortunately, a lean pocketbook, a recently broken pinky toe, and a job that has a high probability of me crawling under a desk to disconnect something all combined to leave me frustrated and new shoeless.

Candid Cool said...

ou those are much cuter

Anonymous said...

Man legs? I think not.

Anonymous said...

When does common sense or fashion precepts dictate that open toe shoes give way to a closed-toe shoe?

The other week you disclosed that temperatures in DC have fallen sufficiently to render the wearing full-length boots appropriate.

Though boots remain, at the moment, a sight as rare on the street of DC as Cheery Blossom, a point in time will inevitably arrive when closed-toe shoes and boots are simply "de rigueur," and open-toe shoes and all other vestiges of summer are banished for yet another year.

When does that fashion crossover point arise in DC?

bff in chicago said...

You get the WEIRDEST commenters on this site. I hope you you listened to your Dad and got a deadbolt.

good to be back!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, your not still smarting from the treatment meted out to you by that beastly shop assistant over the weekend :-)