27 September 2007

Rainbow of Fall handbags

At first glance, there's nothing particularly Autumnal about the selection of handbags you'll find below, but since we're now fewer than three days from the inauguration of the season and I presume, as with clothing, stores stock their tote, satchel and shoulder bag inventories each quarter with seasonally appropriate materials and styles, I feel justified in appointing the label "for-Fall" on the following 10 daybags.

You may notice the substitution of pewter for pink in my rainbow -- you're welcome for that.


‘Super K’ hobo by MARC by Marc Jacobs ($478 at nordstrom.com)

Satchel by Deux Lux ($58 at urbanoutfitters.com)
Contrast shoulder bag by Tano ($220 at southmoonunder.com)
Bonnie bag by Hobo International ($201.95 at zappos.com)
Bleecker leather duffle by Coach ($328 at coach.com)
Leather twist lock holdall (£45 at Leather twist topshop.com)
Somerset large satchel ($228 at bananarepublic.com)*
Crocodile O-ring tote ($119.99 at anntaylor.com)
3620 tote by Tano ($196 at lorisdesignershoes.com)
Neely flight bag by Loeffler Randall ($625 at shopbop.com)*

*your Editrix's top picks


Kiki said...

oooo I really like those Tano bags and had never heard of them. Thanks!

etcetera said...

i've never been a bag person (they just cost so much!) and the few bags i do buy are very run-of-the-mill so that i know i can wear them with everything. basic blacks or browns. but that yellow-ish two tone bag is oh so fun! nice find!

K said...

Yay! My Super Posh K! I get compliments on it everywhere, which I feel justifies buying it. For 20% off, of course.

But now, now I have to have that gray Tano bag... and if I didn't already have a green & brown Tano tote, that green one would be mine as well...

You are a deliciously bad influence, J.

This will mark the first time I've ever mentioned my word verification, but it's a must:


Eff the pink bags, indeed.

not a fashion queen said...

That is about the third time I have seen the Banana Republic bag hyped. It was also on a list of must have items shown on the Today show last week. I may just have to break down and buy that one!

Maxie said...

I'm totally in love with the one from topshop. sigh...

dara said...

I love that you've mixed an Ann Taylor bag with both a MARC by MJ bag *and* a Loeffler Randall! You've got such a great eye.

elle said...

I was hoping to see an oversized clutch on your list! I think it's a great look for day, although I realize a girl needs a handle sometimes.

Anna said...

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