25 September 2007

My Fall checklist (coming later today)

They may not be the eight items you need this Fall, they may not even be eight items I need this Fall, but they sure are the eight items I go to bed dreaming about each night.

Stay tuned.

Oh, and no, there's no connection between my list and KimKar, it's just been a while since the divine combination of her bah'um and a painted-on tight Hervé Léger dress have been in the press, and I just thought...well, yeah.


C said...

I'm rethinking my position on Léger. I'm also rethinking my position on rear implants.

dc girl said...

Wow. That's a lot of, ahem, backside.

Anonymous said...

That a lot of ass to have a fetish for.... I guess we all have our own tastes!!

ataraxia said...

Are you looking forward to her issue of Playboy?!

Johanna said...


Anyone who said they weren't is a liar. Or an assexual.


Samantha said...

Was just looking at JCREW.com in search of a new suit and picked the exact skirt you have on your "Since I Don't yet..." feature. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Uh.... Playboy? Really?

This isn't a cruel joke, is it?