27 August 2007

Since I don't (yet)

Large overnighter bag by LeSportsac


Teek said...

Johanna, I know you're not an accessories girl so I'm trying to be forgiving, but I just can't hold it in any longer. This bag is HIDEOUS. Really! really! bad! LeSportSac? Animal printed water proof canvas? Nylon webbing straps? It is a Walmart mom's diaper bag. It is the handbag of a woman in New Balance trainers with pilgrim pumps stuck in the bag. I cannot approve.

Johanna said...


I don't know about "hideous," but I'll definitely agree with you that this is much more a gym bag than a handbag. I think I was so taxed from trying to find something remotely similar to the Temperley London satchel that I just finally gave up and took the lazy route with a similarly-colored print. Eh, what'cha gonna go?

Thank you for calling me out, though -- keeps me on my toes :-)


Teek said...

Eh, maybe as a gym bag, in one of the cuter prints, perhaps. I confess to a near irrational hatred for both animal printed canvas and Le SportSac. And yeah, you did set the bar fairly high on that Temperley Satchel, it's a unique piece.

Nothing personal, of course!