31 August 2007

Please to envision with opaque black tights and sweet Mary Janes

Yesterday was one of those days where everything from the big to the small to the everything in between went not just right but really, really right.

Thanks to Monte's insistence I take a "me" day, I enjoyed my first almost eight hours of sleep on a weekday in recent memory; knowing I'd burn it off later in the day during my run, I had the rare pleasure of eating the carbtastic salt-heavy-heaven that is the side-slice of Cosi bread; I took a liquid stroll down memory lane with two heavy-on-the-Grenadine Shirley Temple kiddie-cocktails during a fabulous girls night out on the Local 16 rooftop; and best of all, on my way to pick up my morning skim, extra-hot capp at the Mudd House on the corner of 17th/M, I saw sitting behind the glass showcase a glorious sight I hadn't expected to see for a good four to six more weeks: the first pumpkin muffin of the season.

Couldn't get any better, right?

Well, as Spencer so famously said to Heidi on episode 2 of Season 3 of "The Hills," the answer to that question is a resounding, "Ennnnnnhhh."

In other words, yes, it could get better. Way better, in fact.

Like, Holiday Party Season '07 dress finally arrived better:

How many days 'til the first party on the holiday circuit? 92? Nice.
Behold the deliciousness of the "circus" neckline!
Why do I have the urge to just wear the cummerbund?
Meeeeow! Who's got drama in the back? I do! I do!
Who's got a chewed-up Santa's-helper hat, running shoes, a Chinese take-out menu, a tennis ball and a Welly strewn about her floor? I do! I do! 'Tis a wee bit (read: three inches) shorter than I thought it would be, but with these and these, I'll definitely be able to class this sh*t up right. Mmmm...class...

Ladies, don't wait until the last minute as I unfortunately did last year with my Winter coat (the result of which was so impulsive and regrettable I already have a fund set aside for its replacement) -- go now, look for great deals on pieces you might not need today or tomorrow but you know you'll need in the near future. Scoop up that perfect party dress before the masses beat you to it and leave you with nothing to choose between but a generic looking J. Crew shift and overpriced (shudder) suburban-Mom Caché leftovers.

Your ability to out-dress your friends this holiday season depends on it!


nyc admirer said...

I think you'll be a hit at your company Xmas party this year...maybe not with the wives, though ;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much bigger your bottom half is than your top half. It's kind of distracting and not in a good way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1, you are a complete joke.

Anonymous said...

Why do haters even bother reading? It's so pathetic.

Anyway, the dress is hot, but you already know that, and so are the legs, which you also know.

I'm planning to get a cheap manicure/pedicure in NYC this weekend with the dark OPI colors. I just can't decide which color.


Anonymous said...

That dress is DREADFUL. It is not at all flattering to the figure you work so hard for. Return it. Return it. Return it. Absolutely dreadful.

Sorry, man.. had to tell you the truth.

Johanna said...

nyc admirer-

While I may be envelope-pushing, I'm not stupid. This dress will not grace the company holiday soiree. Maybe *his* company party but certainly not mine :-)

Anonymous 1:16-

It's plagued me my entire life. What's a girl gonna do?

Anonymous 2:07-

No! No! No! I swear, it must be the pictures, because it is really just the cutest of cute in-person. And while I'll agree that it's not entirely flattering (not in that next to last picture, anyway), I think once I trim my trunks down a bit more and slap on some matte black tights, it'll be the bees-knees.


Thank you. And I say go for either "Midnight in Moscow" (I love it to death), "Siberian Nights," or, if you're really daring, the stunning "Russian Navy." My toes will be donning the latter come tomorrow at 11:30.

Have fun in NYC!


tom h said...

Jo love the pics..wow what great legs...they are hot damn...(sigh)

holiday said...

I really like it, but I'm not sure why you chose to wear the sash tied in the back like a bizarre dragon's tale.

Marsha said...

i think you look absolutely sassy. (and that is the highest compliment in my book.)

Anonymous said...

Most of the dress is cute, and you look great, but that tail thing looks really weird!

Johanna said...

Now that you've pointed it out (holiday and anonymous 5:20), I think you're right...the tie in the back *does* look a bit odd as is. When I tried a bow, it didn't look right; when I tried a double tie, it didn't look right; maybe I just have to have someone there who can tie it properly from behind instead of me trying to do it awkwardly on my own.

Like it, hate it, the most important thing is that the 'Squieu and I LOVE it to bits - BITS, I say!

have a great weekend!


Marsha said...
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Anonymous No More said...

Minus the dragon tail, I think it is beautiful.
What Monte needs is opposable thumbs.

Meg said...

Maybe in person and without the tail... but honestly, I think you are way hotter than this dress. I love red, but the cut just doesn't do anything for you.

(BTW, feel free to come bash my outfit choices sometime when I am brave enough to show a few.)

Anonymous said...

i like the red, but the thing (tail?) on the back is tacky, it looks like a dnosaur tail! i think you can do better. i've seen you post pictures of yourself in better dresses that you say you haven't purchased. i think you are just dazzled by the circus collar. without the tail that dress would look fine.

Anonymous said...

okay, now that i known the dragon's tail can be tied into a bow, i approve- because i know you were hanging on my approval ;)