07 August 2007

Please don't do that to my wishlist items

Let me just first say that my standards for women with really nice figures and large bank accounts are high - sky high - because these ladies have absolutely no excuse when it comes to picking out stylish, figure-flattering ensembles. They have at their fingertips, after all, everything from Ann Taylor knits to vintage steals to J Brand jeans to Mint jackets to Botkier handbags to Bruno Frisoni heels to pretty much anything and everything that prances its way down the Ready-to-Wear runway each Spring and Fall.

That being so, let's take a look at what Jamie-Lynn Sigler was wearing last Sunday at the debut of the LORAC/Miss Davenporte makeup collaboration, "Showstopper Palette," at the Chateau Marmont. Her ruffle-neck top by Geren Ford might look familiar to you, if you're a regular ASJiNE reader. I love this top. Like, really really love it. It has plunging drama in the front, racerback drama in the back, sweet ruffle detailing around the neck and comes in a neutral color made from a luxurious, lightweight fabric. In a word, perfect.

But unfortunately for Jamie-Lynn (and for me, because looking at her in this picture is physically painful), everything from the waist-down is not so perfect. Not nearly.

The jeans and shoes, Genetic Denim and Costume National though they may respectively be, do not nice complements to this blouse make. The wash of the skinny jeans is too light, which not only makes for an oddly too-casual match for her top but does little to flatter her stunning figure; I'd have gone with the same super-slim style (the shapelessness of the bottom half of the blouse demands it) but either in a much darker indigo, a traditional black or a contrasting red or grey.

Then we have those shoes, which to be frank, are downright ugly. I know, I know, the boot-pump hybrid is likely to be this Fall's footwear of choice for everyone from Chloƫ Sevigny to Kate Moss to eventually Eva Longoria and Carmen Electra, but still, from this style-conscious woman's vantage point, Jamie-Lynn would have been much better off with a sweet round-toed pump like this or this that would have picked up the "girly" in the ruffled neck of her blouse.

A harsh critique for a relatively inoffensive outfit, I realize, but when you pick up and wear one of my wishlist items, you put yourself in an entirely new stratosphere of expectation.

If I can't have it, then you better wear it flawlessly.


dc girl said...

God, I hate those kind of shoes. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

From the waist-up, she looks awesome. I don't think the jeans are *that* bad but the shoes are unforgivable. Such a pretty girl tho!

Anonymous said...

I think they look like "Mom" jeans. Gross

jessica said...

I agree with anon 11:35. They're totally Tina Fey's from the SNL Mom Jeans commercial.

Alison L. said...

i saw ali larter rockin' this top in some TV interview last night... she was wearing a skirt with it, i believe, and looked very all-over ladylike.

Johanna said...

Alison L.-

I saw that last night, too! The Ben Lyons interview on E! News Live, right? She looked unbelievable. I've begun to notice that her fashion sense is very much aligned with mine -- she's now one of my favorites to look for on the red carpet. Remember her deep DEEP plunge gown by Ralph Lauren at the Golden Globes earlier this year? Definitely in my top 3.