28 August 2007

Meet her by the water, baby...you'll have a really good time

I'm not quite sure how I only yesterday discovered two of my favorite chanteuses - Rachael Yamagata and Mandy Moore - will be in town very soon for your singing-away-the-pain pleasure, but judging by the fact there are still tickets available, this seems to be more the fault of the women's promotional team than my failure to stay up-to-date on the comings and goings of my favorite celebs.

Though Mandy is the undisputed headliner of this mini-tour and one of my oft mentioned favorite Hollywood personalities, my primary motivation in heading to the Birchmere in Alexandria on September 11th is without a doubt the soulful, original, she-just-gets-it lyrical stylings of my fellow hapa, Miss Yamagata.

See here, a video preview of her highly anticipated (at least in my apartment), soon-to-be-released fourth album, which as you'll see from the lyric excerpts in the clip, is assured to be just as introspective, maudlin and downright hope-defeating as her previous three efforts.

Yeeeeah, you're probably gonna want to leave the BF at home that night with a DVD...


nyc admirer said...

Uh-oh, you know I start to worry when you unleash Rachael's music...

fashionable.girl said...

I'm SO there! Thanks for the info!

Johanna said...

UPDATE: there are no tickets left. Ticketmaster is just a silly, silly c*it-tease.

laura_m said...

I don't care how lame this sounds, but I met Johanna yesterday on my walk home from the office (she was walking Monty in her new pink dress!), and contrary to what any of you might think, she's a really, really nice person.

And if you can believe it, even prettier than in her pictures! Her skin is unbelievable and influenced me to pick up a family size bottle of Jergens in CVS on my home! Keep up the good work!

Laura M.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johanna,
I just wanted to de-lurk for a moment to tell you I am the girl who stopped you on K St yesterday evening. Thanks for indulging me. How does it feel to be a DC celeb?

I think my office needs a ASJINE intervention. From April to October, it's flip flops and tattered jeans as far as the eye can see.


Anonymous said...

Laura M,
How funny that you were writing your post about your Johanna spotting yesterday just as I was writing mine.


laura_m said...


Ha! That IS funny! Now I don't feel so bad about gushing in the way I did.

Brooke said...

Well since everyone else is talking about it, I will also confirm that Johanna is really nice. I can't even count the number of times she has brought baked goods to the office to celebrate something or just because. At Halloween she makes sometimes daily runs to CVS to keep the pumpkin jar full of candy, and she hands out sweet potato fries and Cosi bread leftovers to those who don't care about the carbs (um...me). Wait, is this all about food? No, seriously, there is nothing the haters can say that has any weight because Johanna is a very caring person.

Teek said...

Nice, smice, the haters just care if she has "man legs." lol.

bff in chicago said...

Which she DOESN'T! Not even close, you hatin' fools.

N'fair - I want to see Rachael :(

Dave said...

Sounds like a good night to play poker

sarahsouth said...

and while we continue to be on the subject of hannie's niceness, i can attest that as her freshman roommate, she NOT ONLY shared her mom's homemade white chocolate chewy cherry cookies with me. after i was dumped by a guy for the first time, she was incredibly sensitive, yet shameless enough to make fun of him to point that i was in hysterics. i wish i'd saved the emails that she sent me from across our dormroom to cheer me up during our study hours in the days that followed. she made the entire post-break-up period ENJOYABLE. compassion and snarkiness: that, my friends, is a winning and rare combination.

p.s. the white chocolate cherry cookies were out of this world.

Johanna said...

Well, look at my little love fest! Thanks ladies!

To laura_m-

You were so sweet, and anyone who loves Monte as much as you seemed to gets a gold star in my book. There's no greater gift I can give than the encouragement of full-body moisturization. It's life changing, both for you and whomever gets to put his hands on you.


I loved that you approached me in full running gear! It was so spontaneous and flattering! Just give me your office's address, and I'll be there in full Stacy/Clinton form with three-way mirror in tow!


I've already thanked you privately, but I'll do so again publicly. You might have just earned yourself a pan of cream cheese brownies this Friday! Yippee!


you're abso-toot-ely right. the haters want me to be fat and ugly, not mean. If only...


thank you, darling. and neither do you.


Oh the friggin' memories...speaking of those cookies, I just spoke with my mom and asked her to include a batch of that variety in my next monthly care package. that's right, she *still* sends 'em like clockwork. send me your snail mail address and I can probably put in a good word for you.

That guy may have been gorgeous, but he didn't deserve you. AND he once told me at the Ratty I shouldn't be eating so much pasta -- "no more than a closed fist" he said. Brotha, shut your mouth.

Give the Pentecostals a kiss for me!


freckledk said...

Until I read your post, I had thought that the pic was of Parker Posey. She's a ringer.

sarahsouth said...

bwha hahahhaa! did he really say that?! i don't know which would be funnier - if he really said that, or if you made it up!