16 August 2007

Dita, darling, let me explain...

I couldn't really tell you why, but I've always found women who tread odd romantic paths, who not only embrace but flaunt their off-beat sexualities for the camera and whose mouths are as filter-free as my own to be intensely attractive.

There's Angie, Monica, Scarlett, Kate, Rosario, Michelle and now, as difficult as it is for me to admit, Evan Rachel Wood.

I tried to shun her, if for no other reason than to show brunette-to-brunette, Michigander-to-Michigander solidarity to the woman whose place in Marilyn Manson's heart she supposedly stole, but this photoshoot, the full NSFW version of which can be found in the upcoming issue of GQ, pushed me up to and past my willpower precipice.

I'm now a fan.

Tarty, bitchy, dark and for lack of a better word, weird, meet Marilyn Manson's newest scratch-your-head conquest, 19 year old acting phenom, Evan Rachel Wood:


georgia said...

The little harlet looks amazing. I love the pic with her reaching back for the clasp...the panties are to die for.

Virgle Kent said...

Yo mah,

you need to check out Marylin's new video "Heart Shape Glasses" on you tube. Rachel is in it and she's hot like fire. The passion between them is fo sho. At the end they kiss while blood rains down on both of them.



intern in the city said...

Not as hot as Dita, obviously, but still saucy. I echo Virgle Kent in encouragin you to watch "Heart Shaped Glasses" - the vid is hot.

ataraxia said...

i dunno i think she has that madonna-esque unnaturally yellow-blonde thing going on that, to me, is just not so beautiful.

suicide_blond said...

love love love dita...and now ..
love love love rachel..
the only thing i'd like to add...i think dita was very self possessed BEFORE she met MM...while rachel..i sometimes feel is being shaped BY MM.. (
i cant say whether this is good or bad.. (he is pretty amazing)..just think it is so..

knew you as hannie, too said...

Dita is just so far superior to this whiny child. Good bod, decent face, fantastic actress but still, no substitute for Ms. von Teese.

Pick a side, editrix! You can't have it both ways!

Kate said...

I must admit I have been a little weary of Rachel since she and Marilyn got together, heck anyone who gets with him is a little eh in my book anyways. But I love these pictures of her. She pulls off the look perfectly. Nice job Rachel.

sarahsouth said...

okay, now is the time when you need to post a photo of marilyn manson to reassure your mom that you still like boys... actually, no, that will probably not be comforting.

Johanna said...


she certainly does...it frightens me how much I like that second pic. So Dominique Swain in "Lolita" it's uncomfortable.


Just watched it. Wowsa. I think I'm in love, but I'm not sure with whom, Marilyn or his lady.

Intern in the city-

Agreed, not nearly as hot as Dita.


Don't think she's beautiful in the least, but there's something very alluring about her. Her personality and charisma jump off the page unlike, say, someone more conventionally beautiful like Heidi Klum.


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Unfortunately, I think it's too lost a cause with her at this point ;-)