24 July 2007

Not even Cindy could've gotten away with it

I have heard with firsthand authority from three very reliable sources on three staggered occasions - once in the late '80s, once in the mid-'90s and once last Summer - that Cindy Crawford, in person, is the most naturally beautiful celebrity on the block.

The first witness, a then-17 year old high school friend of my brother's, cited (not surprisingly) Cindy's slim, athletic physique as what first drew his attention and then, after closer inspection, dropped his jaw; the second witness, a man of more "seasoned" age and coincidentally the one responsible for my thankfully now-over 15 month binge on Rachael Yamagata music, Anne Sexton poetry and bags upon bags of Tropical Skittles, couldn't get over her skin, bone structure and "perfect posture"; the third, a girlfriend of like age and like taste in girl-crushes, was stopped-short by how effortlessly her clothes fit, both in drape and style ("I never really knew what 'Cindy Crawford style' looked like until I saw her, and then it just hit me over the head.").

Point is, from what I hear and from what I can tell in most every picture I've ever seen of her, Cindy is that rare-looking creature that no matter what she's wearing (or not wearing) elicits the "It looks good on her, but on anyone else..." reaction.

You know what I mean -- the boucle suit, the suspender jeans, the capri pants, those horrendous oxford bootie-heels that are supposed to be so in-vogue for Fall. None of these could do 99.9% of women justice but on someone like Cindy (or my delicious friend O, a picture of whom I wish I could show you) you might be able to eke out a "Yeeeeah, I guess I can see that working" rationalization.

Where is all this going?

Well, I finally saw something today as I returned from lunch at Panache (just off ConnAve by the ABC News building) that not even as-close-to-perfect-as-perfect-comes Cindy could have pulled off.

And it looked a little somethin' like this:

But think black pointy-toed, ankle-strap heels instead of boots and a boxy navy pinstripe blazer atop a denim button-up instead of an olive t-shirt.

As the ladies on GFY often say when there really isn't anything left to say...there are no words.


K said...

Ewwwwwww. Ew. Ew.

On an episode of Rich Girls, Tommy was helping his daughter Allie reorganize her closet. He found something very much like that, except in lighter denim with a voluminous fishtail/bustle in the back, and was appalled. He even mentioned how much material was used to make the monstrosity, badmouthed the designer, and hounded Allie about how much she paid for it.

Point: even freaking TOMMY HILFIGER thinks that's fug.

Shame on her, whoever she was.

knew you as hannie said...

k: well put. very well put.

Denim skirts are fug to begin with, but a long one? Like a *really* really long one? Jesus. Thank you for the 80/20 Cindy/skirt split.

bff in chicago said...

Can I just say FINALLY to your 15 month sobfest? Please? You were so above that situation from the get-go. You're just too fucking good for that mess of a man. You always were.

Welcome back to singledom!

Anonymous said...

Cindy is and always has been a sexy beast. Never really noticed her style, either, but here in this picture she looks extremely elegant and sophisticated. Love that dress!

west coast devotee said...

bff, I wholeheartedly endorse all you just wrote. Jo is once again ours! All ours!

to you-know-who: put that in your pipe and...well, you know.