30 July 2007

"Fashion is the most fakest, disgustingest thing out there"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, here's my one and only reminder to watch the show I came thisclose to being a part of.

But honestly, I'm over it.

New York is stupid, anyway. And so is fashion. And TV. And talking about New York, fashion and TV. I don't even know who cares about those kinds of things, because my friends and I certainly don't. We're substantive DC women concerned only with the influence O'Hanlon and Pollack's NYT Op-Ed might have on future U.S. policy and maybe, maaaybe if there's time, that whole West Bank misunderstanding and China/FDA squabble.

I would expound more on how much I totally don't care that these five "women" and this one dude got to live rent-free with salary in Manhattan all Summer working in the fashion PR, publishing and cosmetic industries, but you see, my timer just went off and those Funfetti cupcakes aren't going to frost themselves...


Anonymous said...

That show is gonna tank. None of the characters seem very interesting, and I have pretty low standards for "interesting."

I'm sure people will think I'm kissing your ass for saying this, but they made a big mistake by not picking you.

sarahsouth said...

don't worry, your time will come. you're a shoe-in for "scott baio is 55 and single." by then, he'll be mature enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh do tell!!!! PLEASE vent!