25 June 2007

Why I want to live free and die hard

In just two and a half days, one of 2007's most anticipated cinematic events will be realized: Bruce Willis' fourth and final bow as Detective John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard.

The more trailers, interviews, movie clips and premiere photos I sift through, the more pleased I am that I Fandango-ed two in-advance tickets and lined up a spectacular post-work Wednesday for R and me (which includes this dress and this piece of meat) all in honor of an action hero whose legacy, in my opinion, ranks only behind that of Lyon Gaultier, John Matrix and of course, Casey Ryback.

But in addition to Bruce, who looks far more sextacular at 52 than he ever did at 33, 35, or 40, there is another ass-kicking, one-liner-delivering, rapid-firing reason to fork over your $10.25 and spend your entire day's calories and carbs on a jumbo box of tropical Mike & Ikes.

And this one's half-Asian. And looks killer in an evening gown.

I first noticed - correction, I was first entranced by - 28 year old half-Chinese Maggie Q last year in Mission Impossible III when she so elegantly and athletically stepped out of a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo in a Roman courtyard wearing a stunning red satin cut-out dress.

Just like you, I've been waiting nearly 14 long months to see more of her.

To tide you over until Wednesday night, here's a rainbow of Maggie Q in all her hapa gorgeousness in a series of gowns that range from stunning (see sixth and third from last) to highly uneasy on the eyes (see rest):


PRSlaveDC said...

Wow... you'd really put Lyon Gauthier ahead of Frank Dix??? I'm not sure I can concur with that assessment.

However, LFoDH is going to be sweet...

Johanna said...

While "Bloodsport" is my second favorite movie of all time (behind only "Pretty Woman"), my love for it is borne out of the Kumite fight scenes, not Frank Dux's character. In "Lionheart," there's much more personal development and thus a higher degree of emotional investment. I can never watch that last scene with Attila without sitting on the edge of my seat with fists clenched.

"The heart of a lion," remember? Tough to beat that.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Q is a goddess. Thanks for the pix!

msu guy said...

You're a dream, you know that?

not a fan said...

I think msu guy's comment is *exactly* why Johanna pretends to like half the things she does -- so she can be that "perfect" woman every man looks for. Action movies, sexy boyshorts, mini dresses, rare steak? You are such a contrived caricature.

And the ironic thing is, even while you're out being that "perfect" woman, you still don't have a man! Maybe you should reinvent yourself again, start liking foreign films and art museums. Just a suggestion.

Dave said...

not a fan, if she is "pretending," pretending on the Internet isn't pretending. It's writing. It's arrogant to think you have any idea who she is and to think the measure of a woman is her ability "to get a man."

I have no idea who she is, but I know I appreciate good writing, and clearly you do not. She doesn't need to reinvent herself to get anyone and anyone who thinks they do isn't going to get anyone.

Anonymous said...

"Not a fan", why do you think it is impossible that a woman would actually prefer her steak rare and like wearing mini dresses? All I know is that I love my steaks rare and I wear mini dresses as much as I can - doing this is part of who I am and it is not something I pretend to enjoy to get a man. If you think this makes anybody, including Johanna, a *perfect* woman then you are very wrong. It takes more than liking traditionally masculine things to get a man. It seems to me that you equate being perfect to getting a man - you must be a very insecure woman if that really is the case. Why do you think it is all about getting a man, by the way? Why would it not be possible for a woman to truly enjoy a nice, bloody steak and an action movie just because she likes it?


freckledk said...

Not a fan has Not a life.

Candid Cool said...

I adore her.

And Die Hard was actually pretty awesome!