22 June 2007

Unlike strawberry Gushers and a Capri Sun juice pouch...

...the combination of high-waisted, cummerbunded-to-the-bra-line trousers and a pink satin-and-lace bustier does not a good afternoon snack make.

Taken separately, I wouldn't be so down on the pieces that make up the presumably Jean Paul Gaultier designed ensemble Leelee Sobieski wore to last night's opening of the new Herm├Ęs boutique on Wall Street in Manhattan.

If only the bustier had been black, the event held a few hours later, her eye makeup applied more like this, her hair styled more like this, and the event held in the Meatpacking not the Financial District, Leelee and her avant garde outfit would more likely make this page with "Well Played" in the post title, as opposed to something like "Eyes Fugged Shut," "FugRide" or "Fuglee Sobieski."

Looking waaay too unhappy for being 24 years old in head-to-toe haute couture, I think this elusive actress should've taken a page out of fellow attendee Rachel Weisz's book and lightened the 'eff up with a flirty floral frock, a pair of phenomenal stripper heels and a genuine, life-is-good smile.

Come on, Leelee, just a little one? Please?


Okay...well, I like your cocktail rings.


Lady Tiara said...

her red carpet style seems to be uniformly awful. she could also use a new facial expression. she always looks miserable and/or mean. a smile would go a long way toward making some of her outfits bearable. rachel weisz looks lovely and managed to actually look like she wanted to be at the event.

Anonymous said...

Looks like she's heading to Studio 54.


Jo said...

She could use a shampoo! Her hair looks greasy.

Gunfighter said...

It looks to me like she forgot to put her shirt on.

K said...

Damn. They went with "Fug on Earth."