27 June 2007

Petra's poor performance

She must have also known I'd been questioning lately exactly how it was she got my dream life of jetting around the world to do little else but smile through a neutral gloss, wear beautiful evening gowns night after night and sorta kinda talk about like, charities and stuff.

There's no other explanation than throw-it-in-my-face spite why Ms. Nemcova would take such a stunning regal purple textured-satin lantern-neck column gown and ruin it with ten pounds of down-in-front Farrah feathering, a not-skim-but-drag-on-the-floor hemline and what from most angles look like a pair of Old Navy flip-flops.

Sorry Petra, I know I'm being tough on you, but like a stripper, your only job requirement is to look wish-I-were-you hot, and when you can't even do that properly...well, let's just say it's disappointing.

Especially for the children.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. She looks fine. What would you have done differently? Assuming you could fit into that dress, of course.

Kiki said...

ugh. i just want to give her a rubberband and pull that hair back! it's driving me crazy!

she's completely ruined the line of the dress by letting it crumple on the floor. she's supposed to look like a column, not the wicked witch of the west after getting splashed with water.

Johanna said...


EXACTLY! Instead of celebrating the two showpiece features - the lantern neckline and bubble hem - she ruins them both with big hair and slopping tailoring. All that money and all that beauty and yet she (and/or her stylist) can't pull it off. So sad.

Anonymous said...

The hair makes me want to cry; it is way too Jessica Simpson. There's another genius with a great stylist. ::crickets:: I can't even TALK about the hemline. You can't pick a dress like this at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

1- it's just an ugly dress. that collar/neckline might seem interesting in theory, but it doesn't really work, as novelties seldom do in fashion. that's why it's so different, because i don't think it would flatter anyone.
2- petra nymcova (sp?) is nothing special, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a model whom people could associate with a globally newsworthy natural disaster, but on her own, she's nothing special, there are so many models who are more beautiful and she's not a particularly interesting person, although i do feel sorry for the things she went through in the tsunami. she can't even pick out fabulous designer clothes to wear and she could wear anything and they're free! useless, completely useless. *curses at the unfair randomness that is life*

Johanna said...


1. I soooo beg to differ. Did you click on the John Cusack link and see it on the model with the short hair? Stunning. With an olive complexion, a lanky frame and sculpted shoulders, this dress would be jawdropping.

2. Agreed. 100%.

Anonymous said...

i'll only concede that the dress is interesting and a nice color....but i think you would have to be completely flat chested or close to it or your rack would fuck up the design.
at first, i was wondering why you had a picture of denise richards on your blog.