26 June 2007

The new beauty trend: post-clink glow

Paris Hilton bores me, and this whole prison saga bores me even more than her usual comings and goings (except for when Nancy Grace and her crazy-ass cast of characters do a segment on it - then I am gleefully entertained), but can we all agree that three weeks in the clink certainly did her face some good? I mean, I'm half convinced I should set aside this and this and all those other trannied-up pics of her and admit she is indeed a natural beauty.

It almost makes me want to indulge in a product-free lifestyle for the better part of a month and revert back to a time when it was just my bare-freckled face, a bar of Dove and a pump or two of hand lotion rubbed over the apples of my cheeks for good measure.

But then again, given that I almost cried when I thought I'd left my makeup bag at the office this morning (I didn't - Monte had strategically hidden it in one of his four beds to delay my departure), I think I'd better just let this nostalgia pass, not follow through with my get-in-jail plan to "do whatever it takes" to show Dick how good my rack looks in my XS "Cheney in '08" babydoll tee, and instead, for the now sixth time today, strut my butt to the little cowgirl's room to touch up my eyeliner.


brown rowergirl said...

1. she looks really pretty in that picture. it gives me a side cramp to admit that, but she does

2. Nancy Grace pregnant with twins is an abomination. on the good side, just imagine how even more INSANE she'll be on her show once the hormones kick in!

3. you never ever used hand lotion on your face. Liar.

freckledk said...

She looks good without the Oompa-Loompa faux tan.

bff in chicago said...

sad thing is, we all know she'll be back to herself within a week.

Oh shit, I forgot, she found God in the slammer. Make that a week and a half.

knew you as hannie, too said...

Monte is SUCH the drama queen. Love it!

Brooke said...

Stuart saw the picture of Monte that you posted a few days ago and he said, "ahhhhhhhhh, Monte, I miss you." I'm sure Monte feels the same.

Johanna said...

Awww, he missed Monte? That's so sweet! I watch the video of the two of them (when Stuart's kissing Monte's neck) all the time. It's on my desktop!