23 June 2007

I fell in love last night

Like last time, it was unexpected

Late afternoon on a Friday.

It was swift and final.

Strangers to lovers in the blink of a kohl-lined eye.

I wasn't looking for something serious.

I wasn't even looking for something minorly routine altering.

In fact, I was just looking for a pair of metallic flats at Wink, and if I had time, maybe a neutral lip gloss at Blue Mercury.

But it never works out that way. Not for me, anyway.

I'm perpetually tempted, which is a reflection of my love-to-be-in-love predisposition, or some might argue, my weakness for fast-and-furious infatuation.

Whatever it is and whatever the reason it decided to find me yesterday, falling felt good. It felt really, really good.

I'd almost forgotten how good that kind of good could feel.

It's a feeling I'd not experienced since June 16, 2006, when I met my last lover on a nondescript street between a Korean barbecue and an albums-only Jazz music store in Alphabet City.

I never would have thought falling in love in Summer could be as sweet as being swept away in Spring, but as you can see below, it is possible.

Love, for me, was just a gunmetal grey French Connection away...


brown rowergirl said...

Gorgeousness! It's not on the website, though is it? I checked and don't see anything similar.

Whatta dress and whatta bod!

west coast devotee said...

It's stunning!

A new dress, huh? Does that mean there was an occasion? A SPECIAL occasion?

Spill it.

D said...

totally know what you mean...falling in love even when you tell yourself you shouldn't...;) I did some damage to my credit card this weekend too...

You look gorgeous!:)

nyc admirer said...

Thanks for listening to my previous comment and posting some dress pictures. Those straps in the profile photo are so intriguing.

BTW, is that a blurry Monte running past you in the first picture? A gorgeous dog, a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous blogger all in the same shot -- a rare trifecta.

What a great investment. Because of its versatile color, you can wear that dress year-round.

But wow, with that tan...it's just that much more flattering.

brown bear '02 said...

Date night dress!

intern in the city said...

I fell in love with a pair of Kate Spade slingbacks today...I get it, Jo. I *totally* get it.

'frisco guy said...

Simply stunning. It's like something straight out of the final scene of Dirty Dancing!

Congrats on Aunt-dom, by the way!

not a fan said...

your boobs look saggy in the second picture. maybe "miss perfect" needs a bra? or a different dress?

dc girl said...

"not a fan" needs to go far far away. I clicked on that second picture and see not a hint of sag. And believe me, I looked.

It's a beautiful dress, and you look beautiful in it. The new profile picture is great too. Keep this one up for longer than a day this time, please!

Johanna said...

NYC admirer-

that *is* a pic of the little lovebug at my feet! I didn't even notice 'til you pointed it out! Well done.

d/intern in the city-

pooh on all those who don't "get" this kind of love. It's real and it's wonderful!

wcd/brown bear '02-
date night dress, indeed!

not a fan-
even great boobs sag a little, so um, thanks!

the rest of you sweet compliment-payers-

thank you! and head to your nearest French Connection and pick up this dress! It's a keeper and despite what these pictures might or might not show, it's a dress that makes the rack look racktacular!

Anonymous said...

you need to eat a hamburger

Anonymous said...

Adore the haircut.

Johanna said...


thanks :) I just got stood up for my Tuesday night drink. wanna stand-in and see it in person?

Johanna said...


Sigh...then it's a wasted cute outfit.

home to the pooch it is!