06 May 2007

Where to go for online style inspiration

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to check out the unparalleled style eye of Scott Schuman - aka "The Sartorialist" - on his eponymous blog, look to the right in my collection of "In between meetings..." links and do so now.

Right now.

In between lunching at Danish bistros and interviewing the world's most renowned speakeasy tailors, with his high-quality camera and bloodhound-like nose for finding homespun high-fashion, the Sartorialist seeks out and documents urban style in the Meat-Packing District in New York City, parking garages in London, Fashion Week tents in Paris, among many other predictably and no-so-predictably style-rich venues.

Some of his subjects are model-thin, some are not, some are model-pretty, some are not, some are in their 20s, most are not, but the most striking and consistent common denominator among all the individuals he captures on film and posts on his site are their undeniably them senses of style.

I may not agree with, fully appreciate or even like some of the outfits his subjects wear, but unlike most women in DC, every single one - and trust me, I've looked at every single one - made sure to adhere to my primary rule of personal fashion: dress to flatter your figure.

Provided below are my favorite and most inspirational finds from Scott's travels.


I set out to do a female-only collection, but this last picture - taken in Manhattan in early April - was so 'effing gorgeous (the clothes, the fit, the look, NOT the too-pretty pretty boy), I had to break my rule.

*your editrix's favorites are photographs no. 5, no. 8 and no. 11 (in that order)


jessica said...

great set, but um, they all look pretty "model-thin" to me :-)

dc girl said...

the look that guy has is what every douchebag in Georgetown tries for but painfully fails at.

love the women's clothes. a lot of black, which I'm not usually too fond of, but these women really pull it off well.

your favorite look is mine, too! just imagine if a 50 year old woman wore that in NW...scandal!

knew you as hannie, too said...

that first girl looks like you! if you still had your childhood haircut, I mean :)

I so wish I had the imagination and wallet and access to great stores like these people do. they really look great.

west coast devotee said...

I hate that guy, but only because I know he looks so damn good in that jacket/suit.

Those women are flat out jawdropping. I don't think I've ever seen a woman own an outfit like any of those women do. Well, except for maybe one person...

sarahsouth said...

you have to feel bad for the blonde friend cut out of photo #8. ouch

brown rowergirl said...

That yellow dress is so summery and wonderful! Even though you probably don't care for it, I LOVE how so many of the women are in cute flat sandals with dressy dresses.