09 May 2007

Now *this* is age-appropriate dress done right

This picture makes me happy. Really happy.

Three movie stars representing three very different age-groups - 70s, 40s and 20s - each one with as much sexiness and elegance as the other, none of whom are at all shy to show off how perfectly their enviable figures pour into their clothing, and all of whom abide by the so-often-bucked-in-Hollywood rules of age-appropriate dress.

The film for which Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan were so well-dressed at last night's premiere may not be theater-worthy (or even on-Demand worthy), but if all that comes out of it is this pretty picture - a static reminder to aging women in Bethesda everywhere that it is far more attractive to flaunt your assets with flattering cuts, subtle hints of skin and the *perfect* fit than the short-n-tight-n-bare-everywhere look - it'd still be worth it.

Well played, ladies.


Anonymous said...

it's kinda creepy how they really do look like daughter, mother and granddaughter, isn't it?

but you're so right - they look great. All of them.

speaking of looking great - or the opposite thereof - did you see what CamDi wore to her TRL appearance yesterday. Ouchie, ouchie.

brown rowergirl said...

Fonda's got a rockin' bod, doesn't she! Who knew??

broadwaybabe said...

very nice indeed

denver fan said...

I'd hate to be a Bethesda woman.

Whatever that means. Must be an inside DC joke that's lost on this Rocky Mountain girl.

intern in the city said...

If Mazza Galleria and Saks weren't in Bethesda, I wouldn't mind seeing it completely eliminated. I've never met a nice person there. A female, I mean. The men are nice. REAL nice, if you catch my drift.

I agree with you 100% on avoiding that part of town. It's like seeing a scary future. Reminds me of Pleasantville but worse.