01 May 2007

Kate finally eats, sprouts a cute little rack

A day I thought might never come seems to have arrived.

Note that I chose the word "seems" instead of "has" -- a direct result of having been a victim of Liv Tyler's trickery one too many times. See, Mom and Dad, I do learn from my mistakes.

Kate, sweet little, perfect-cheekboned, met-her-and-fell-in-love-with-her-instantly-in-a-2002-sleeper-surfer-movie Kate. There's just something about her - and yes, I won't lie, it's probably that she gained acceptance to Princeton before she became a big star - that has made me want to stick by her through those stomach-turning graphic love scenes with a very-much-past-his-Iceman-prime Val Kilmer in 2003's Wonderland, the so-beneath-her-you-had-to-turn-it-off Win a Date With Tad Hamilton the year following, and of course, her up-until-recently ambitious multi-year project to transform her athletically sexy silhouette into something you might mistake for a pre-pubescent 6th grade boy.

But in looking at these photos snapped yesterday of Ms. Bosworth frolicking on the beaches of Maui, for the first time in a long time, I'm hopeful the tide is turning and these 3-5 pounds aren't just temporary vacation weight but are part of a here-to-stay, building-toward-at-least-a-size-2, be-beautiful-again effort.

Until she dishes about it in a tasteful manner on her own time (i.e. a September Vanity Fair/Vogue/Elle cover story shot by Annie Leibovitz), there's no way to know with any certainty what it was that prompted Kate's decision to call up Keira and Nicole and concede defeat in their three-way who-can-fit-into-Iggy-Pop's-vinyl-pants-first competition.

My guess? Love. True love.

Speaking from rather recent experience, I know there's nothing that makes a beautiful woman look her most beautiful, her most radiant - with glow and spirit and confidence bursting from every cell - than the knowledge that the man with whom she's passionately in love loves her back just as passionately. Or even a bit more so.

That familiar look is written all over the face of this finally-gettin'-back-to-her-Blue-Crush form sweetheart. And it suits her well.

For more photographic proof that James Rousseau is a better lover than Orlando Bloom, see below:


denver fan said...

She certainly does have that in-love look. Good for her!

brown bear '02 said...

Wait a minute, you LIKE her because she got into Princeton??

You dirty, dirty traitor.


Anonymous said...

God, she looks SO in love...it's written all over her! And what a hottie that new boyfriend of hers is!