22 May 2007

If I had $3,017.80 kickin' around...

Because it's the kind of thing I like to do while simultaneously watching "The Bachelor" reunion special and texting back and forth with E about the outfits on "The Bachelor" reunion special, I spent the past hour and 21 minutes mouse-clicking my way through all 45 pages and 450 items in Bop's online sale bin. For you, readers, for you.

Here is the best of the best:

Medium tote by Wek1933 ($374 at shopbop.com)*
Seersucker tie front pencil skirt by Mara Hoffman ($133 at shopbop.com)
Pintuck blouse by Alice + Olivia ($99 at shopbop.com)*
Pleat front shorts by Lauren Moffat ($121 at shopbop.com)
Open back dress by Norma Kamali for Everlast ($203 at shopbop.com)
Seersucker jacket by Paul & Joe ($228 at shopbop.com)
Blouse with cut-outs by Paul & Joe ($205 at shopbop.com)*
Kye wrap dress by DVF ($227.50 at shopbop.com)
Daniela tote by Malini Murjani ($523.60 at shopbop.com)
Silk snap skirt by Geren Ford ($149.80 at shopbop.com)
Mercer dress by Sunner ($172.90 at shopbop.com)
Skinny glory jean by Habitual ($130.90 at shopbop.com)
Sweet emotion flats by Joie ($108.50 at shopbop.com)
Grecian tee by Rachel Pally ($114.10 at shopbop.com)
Round toe pump by Marc Jacobs ($227.50 at shopbop.com)

*worthy of temporary credit card debt


"Anonymous" said...

Stick to dresses and shoes, love. These bags are attrocious.

brown bear '02 said...

hmm, odd. I really like the brown one. It would make a good carry-on.

the chain on the black one looks uncomfortable but it's certainly not atrocious.