06 May 2007

How on God's green earth did I miss this scene?

I've seen every Bond movie. Most twice or more. I'm such a Bond fan, in fact, that I can say with complete sincerity I even liked Roger Moore in his man-tits days and Timothy Dalton in his one 007 appearance in License to Kill.

With this in mind, you can imagine my surprise when I turned to the Encore Action channel a few minutes ago and caught this unbelievable 8-minute sequence mid-way through From Russia With Love -- a movie I know for a fact I've watched but can't for the life of me recall seeing so many beautiful, tanned women in such scant states of undress.

And clawing at each other over a man, no less!

For inspiration not to remain - or aim to become - a size 2, check out the wide-hipped belly-dancing hotness and gypsy fem-brawl in this, one of my (new) favorite James Bond films:


bff in chicago said...

Even *I* know that scene. Pretty hot, I must say.

You would know -- where can I pick up some of those finger cymbals? I think I know someone who might appreciate a finger-cymbal and heels surprise...

brown rowergirl said...

What would I do at lunch without your well-picked video clips? This was so fabulous, I'm tempted to add "From Russia with Love" to my Netflix list.

There, I've done it. It'd done.

Remember a time when women that size were considered beautiful? Yeah, me either. Sad face :(

Anonymous said...

How'd you miss that scene? That's my favorite Bond flick. In my opinion, the best of the Connery Bonds.

Though sadly, the gypsies in Turkey do not actually behave that way. On the other hand, the Bulgarians really were the East Bloc heavies of choice in Turkey.