21 May 2007

The make-sure-he-watches-you-walk-away dress

About a quarter of the men I've known claim to be "leg men." Another quarter say they favor the bottom. The more honest quarter say breasts, and the last 25% is made up of "face guys," "feet men," "stomach lads" and even a few "hair fellas."

And though I've never met a proclaimed "back man," I know for a fact when a woman wearing a dress that draws attention to her toned, sculpted, bare back walks into or out of a room, God might as well have pressed "pause."

Time. Literally. Stands. Still.

As with most styles, these dresses aren't for everyone. Women with back-chub, bacne and longer-than-normal back fuzz need to avoid these and other back-highlighting frocks at all costs. Additionally, women who possess large chests that have lost their perk should steer clear, for most of these dresses allow at most stick-on support.

The majority of the dresses I've put together here are of the evening variety, but there are just as many or more during-the-day sundresses that will afford you the opportunity not only to show off your deltoids but your year-round moisturizing and recent poolside efforts as well.


Tri-color jersey dress by Tufi Duek ($110.49 at bluefly.com)
Chiffon Grecian dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim ($718 at ronherman.com)
Pleated dress with rosette ($792 at ronherman.com)*
Ruffle wrap dress by Foley + Corinna ($361 at urbanchiconline.com)
Convertible halter dress by Karanina ($267 at daszign.com)
Pleated dress by Walter ($275 at daszign.com)
Florent ruffle dress by Sunner ($280 at activeendeavors.com)*
Dolce dress by Nicole Romano ($355 at activeendeavors.com)
Vogue dress by Ya-Ya ($367 at shopbop.com)
Cowl v-back dress by Rachel Pally ($198 at shopbop.com)
*your editrix's top picks


AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Does one wear undergarments with any of these dresses or is that part of the allure? I am confused as to what to wear underneath.

Johanna said...

AnĂ³nimo No Mas -

Yes, I think going braless is part of the allure, but if that isn't an option, I've linked you to one strap-free, back-free suction-cup type doodad in the post. I tend to do the little petals, which don't offer support but at least prevent unnecessary nipple pokage.

You'd look adoramable in the first one!

dc girl said...

the second 3.1 phillip lim dress is incredible. love the rosette back!

jackie says go said...

my friend told me about your blog over the weekend, and on my first visit, I found the dress I've been searching for all year! I've just received my confiramtion e-mail from Bop for the Rachel Pally v-back dress! It'll be perfect for my event! You're the best!!!

nyc admirer said...

does a man have to be a one-or-the-other kind of guy? I sorta like all the parts equally, though face has got to be number one on the priority list. I need to be able to roll over in the morning, see just her face while she's sleeping and think, "god, she's gorgeous."

And I *know* you agree with me on that one, editrix.

tom h said...

I am definately a leg and butt kind of guy but your right NYC Admirer she has to be nice to look at...

tom h said...

I am definately a leg and butt kind of guy but your right NYC Admirer she has to be nice to look at...