05 April 2007

Worth staying up for

For the stunning sexy/preppy early-'50s fashion, the scorchingly flirtatious dialogue, the palpable urgency behind George Eastman (Montgomery Clift) and Angela Vickers' (Elizabeth Taylor) every-level chemistry, the pure joy of seeing Alice (Shelley Winters) pushed into the drink after her frightening rant about how "content" and "settled" George will "eventually" be with her instead of his true love, and above all, to be reminded of how conversation-stoppingly - hell, breath-stoppingly - beautiful a woman can be, turn right this second to Turner Classic Movies and savor one of my favorite films, A Place in the Sun.

The white strapless dress with rosette-adorned bustline and tiered, appliqu├ęd tulle ballgown skirt Angela wears in the first romantic scene she and George share is alone worth the 122 minutes of your time.

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Cazzie!!! said...

Simply stunning, I love that dress in the last image :)