06 April 2007

Not even a *little* wicked, Dita?

"I don't really have much of a wicked streak in me. My wicked moments I usually leave for times when I'm on stage, [but] I have a bit of a naughty streak in me. I've got a little bit of the good witch and a little bit of the bad witch in me."

(Dita von Teese at a party last night for the musical Wicked at Social Hollywood in response to People Magazine's typical half-provocative, half-retarded question, "Can you relate to the theme of the evening?")

With wickedness out, I guess "naughty" will have to do.

And yes, it is taking every last ounce of good judgment and willpower to keep me from touching her "little bit of the good witch and a little bit of the bad witch in me" comment.


brown rowergirl said...

she is pretty hot, but I'm beginning to wonder if this is more than just your stated "girl crush." Sorta bordering on "obsessively in love," don't you think?

west coast devotee said...

I'm not complaining! Keep the Teese pics and girl crush commmentary coming!

new fan said...

She's growing on me. I'd love to see one of her shows -- do you know if she's based in LA or NY? Does she perform anywhere else?

nyc admirer said...

Does she do bachelor parties? My god, what a beautiful woman!