17 April 2007

A different kind of panty perk-me-up

Those mornings when you need a little convincing not to waste that last sick day only to ruminate at home in your I-feel-paunchy bad mood, I'm usually the first to propose slipping into something with less-coverage made of black lace that pushes you up-up-and-out. In other words, underneath that professional veneer, I advocate dressing like a saucy minx.

Today is not one of those mornings.

No, this morning is less about wearing something to mask a feeling than it is about wearing something to celebrate a feeling -- a frolicsome feeling.

So do what I'm about to do and dig to the way-back of that unmentionables drawer, fish-out and snap-on your one plain white cotton bra, pair it with one of these fun little ladypants and while you're sipping that first cup of coffee, think back to a time when you considered multicolored popsicles on your crotch so naughty you'd only show your very best girlfriend in the bathroom after recess.

Ladies, brace yourselves for the happiest happy panty collection this side of 7th grade:

Top to bottom:

1. Heart print lowrise panties by Cosabella ($38 at ronherman.com)

2. Lowrise polkadot boyshort by Hanky Panky ($40 at ronherman.com)

3. Tulle girlshort by Belabumbum ($26 at girlshop.com)

4. Starry print extreme low-rider bikini ($7.50 at victoriassecret.com)

5. Popsicle print classic thong ($7.50 at victoriassecret.com)

6. Cake print ladypant (£4 at topshop.com)*

7. Glitter cherry print thong (£3 at topshop.com)

8. Little Miss Chatterbox boyshorts ($12 at urbanoutfitters.com)

9. Guitar printed boybriefs by Paul Frank ($26 at urbanoutfitters.com)*

10. Fruity panties by Soundgirl ($32 for 3 at fredflare.com)

11. Cherry pointelle boyshort by Juicy Couture ($18 at shopbop.com)

12. Leopard print boyshort by Hanky Panky ($40 at shopbop.com)

*your editrix's favorites


Brooke said...

How in the world can a pair of panties be $110? (I am referring to the "sugar daddy" pair) What are they made out of? Is there any justification?

Elle said...

Ah, the fine art of dressing to please oneself. Cheers!

Johanna said...

Brooke -

No, there's no real excuse for a $110 pair of panties. It's the quality of materials and craftsmanship, I suppose, but still, $110? The experience of buying La Perla might be worth that amount (their boutique in NYC is breathtaking), but until I'm - or my future spouse is - making a multi-million dollar salary, I'll stick with VS for undies and overspend where it really matters -- shoes.

brown rowergirl said...

That pair with the cupcakes on it is sooo cute! Are you able to order through Top Shop? I thought they wouldn't deliver to non-UK addresses, which SUCKS.

And since I don't have the Bieltastic ass you do, I probably shouldn't get a pair of boyshorts just yet...

tom h said...

mmmmm..all I can say is Thank You J......I just love your site........