22 April 2007

Congratulations, I guess.

Amy Winehouse announced her engagement to on-again, very off-again boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil earlier today.

I want to extend my sincere congratulations, I really do, but I'm having a really hard time with the "sincere" part.

Both of her fine-go-back-to-your-"safe-bet" anthems - "Back to black" and "Tears dry on their own" - have served me loyally and soberly as my own fine-go-back-to-your-"safe-bet" anthems. I relied on them, on her, on the strength of her conviction to walk away "head held high," so you can understand why, upon hearing the news that the man who inspired tortured lyrics like, "We only said goodbye with words/I died a hundred times/You go back to her," and "I shouldn't play myself again/I should just be my own best friend/Not fuck myself in the head with stupid men," is primed to be Amy's husband finds me somewhere between disbelief and dismay.

All I can say is that I hope my sweet Amy knows what she's doing and that she never allows herself to be runner-up to a "safe bet" ever again.

She's too fabulously full of life for that kind of backseat, second-choice bullshit. We all are.


brown rowergirl said...

Amen, Jo, *AMEN.*

bff in chicago said...

Amy's engaged??

She can't sing songs like "Back to black" and then get married to the dude. It's just not right.

Guess I'll take her off my breakup mix...

Anonymous said...

Just wait, once he fucks her over again (which he will), we'll get an even better follow-up album!

a fan said...


Late night that didn't end well? You seem angry in this post?

Just checkin' in on you, babe - all okay?