11 March 2007

A first

This was a first for me.

And like watching a Jennifer Aniston movie on my own volition or comfortably eating in its entirety a meal at Picholine that included a terrine of seared foie gras with black cherry reduction, four as-rare-as-the-chef-will-grill-them buffalo medallions, half a cheese platter and an overflowing Martini glass of Cointreau-infused chocolate mousse, this was a first I never saw coming.

This afternoon, I actually spent a significant amount of time - time I could've used to take the puddlebug squirrel-chasing in Lafayette Park or to focus more raptly on "Supermax: Pelican Bay" - to identify something worn by Mischa Barton.

I wasn't able to find the exact crescent-neckline trapeze-shaped mini, but I'm near positive, aside from the print on the collar, this is in fact Mischa's dress.

So, if you have around $200 to spend on a great year-round mini, I recommend picking up Fighting Eel's 'Egypt' dress in either black, red, mustard or steel-blue at any of the following online boutiques:

Rok + Lola ($209 at rokandlola.com)

Girlshop ($218 at girlshop.com)

Queen Bee Girls ($209 at queenbeegirls.com)

Blondette ($152 at blondette.com)

Shop Honey West ($209 at shophoneywest.com)

Lola Y Maria ($201 at lolaymaria.com)


Anonymous said...

Oh god, I love the mustard yellow one! I'd probably wear it with opaque black tights and some kind of Mary Jane heel.

Thanks for sharing your find with us!

I think you're brilliant said...

I was gonna get the $152 one at Blondette, but they're out of my size. Damn.

Is it worth another $50 plus S&H?

Hmmm...I have to think about it.

jessica said...

I wish they made it in all black...then it would look like that Miss Davenporte dress you posted the other day. For $200, I'd buy it, but for $600, I can only dream...