17 March 2007

Wishlist addition.

En route to finding L the wardrobe staple no other DC woman is more qualified to sniff out - a for-work black pencil skirt - I happened to fall straight into the soft cotton arms of this absolutely stunning plunge-neck Catherine Malandrino eyelet dress with floral-appliqu├ęd bust and embroidered, cutout hem.

Even though on a good day it's still $150 out of my price range, even though it would cost me another $30 to have Alecia let out the bustline a half-inch, and even though it would require me to find an occasion worthy of its debut, I am seriously considering offering this let's-take-the-train-to-Penn-Station-on-a-summer-whim confection a place not on my wishlist wishlist but on the much more exclusive it-might-actually-happen wishlist.

What is it about this dress that makes me seriously consider cutting out groceries, not buying a much-needed new pair of running shoes and swearing off any iTunes downloads until 2008?

To start, it's the personification of summer. As soon as I slipped it on and L zipped me up as best she could - the "ladies" wouldn't allow a perfect fit - I felt a series of simultaneous transformations take place.

I felt like a woman who had nothing better to do than find the perfect summer sandals to go with her perfect summer dress.

I felt like a spoiled rich princess who, in celebration of finishing her Ivy League education and thus activating her windfall of a trust-fund, decided she would fly her three best girlfriends, her dog and herself to the Amalfi Coast for a long weekend of "earned" vacation.

I felt like I should be walking down a warm, breezy sidewalk opposite the Park on the Upper West Side, soaking up the be-freckling sunshine and counting the hours until my lov-ah would leave his office and meet me for pre-dinner antipasti and pints of Stella at Fiorello's.

Basically, I felt like this but tanner and with a much better dress:


Anonymous said...

Uh, I didn't get past that picture...did you write something?

Melissa said...

You look bulimic *and* anorexic, nicely done!

nyc admirer said...

That dress looks way better on you than on the Revolve model. Where's your pretty face, though??

bff in chicago said...

That clip made my day. I felt like a middle schooler again!

And that dress is gorgeous on you. Save the money, you brat, and get it before it's gone!

a fan said...

Seriously, you are lookin' a little Nicole-like up top. And contrary to what you might think, it's not necessarily a good thing!

Eat some pizza and drink some beer, girl!

brown rowergirl said...

Love that dress. It comes in black, too, but alas, they're both out of our prices ranges :-(