12 March 2007

What if we all wore this to the range?

Would that convince Mayor Fenty not to challenge the Court's decision to allow firearms in the District?

Even the most strident anti-gun politician - male politician (and Hillary, of course) - has to admit these Brigitte-Nielsen-circa-Rocky-IV-esque photos from last September's issue of Vogue Italia are smokin' hot.

And a legitimate reason to think twice before denying all the pretty girls with strong legs, kohled eyes and a penchant for spiked heels their desire to rapid fire a few boxes off in a licensed shooting-range.

(scanned photos courtesy of L's boy R)


a fan said...

Smokin', indeed, sister.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please. And some more, too.

Anonymous said...

If the hair was darker, I could swear it was you!