21 March 2007

Spring! Spring! Spring!

The first full day of Spring has arrived, and for the next three months I not only hope but fully expect to see every man wearing seersucker and every woman wearing Lily Pulitzer, to smell fresh Sake eau de toilette every time I step onto the Metro (yes, even the Green/Yellow line), to wear my bikinis more often than my pencil skirts, to live on iced coffee and Easter candy, to fall in love at a street corner and hear a continuous, perfect-pitch bird-chirped Mary Poppins soundtrack wherever my open-toed heels take me.

It may feel like 39 degrees, it may look cloudy, and it may seem like Winter has extended its stay by a day, but that's just not the case. Not in my world, anyway.

In my world, it's a perfect day for a poplin cotton, black and white geometric floral print scalloped-hem A-line skirt, sleeveless shell, bolero, peeptoes and double swipe of bronzer.

If that double-swipe of Sun Goddess isn't enough to stave off the morning chill, and in the first block of my walk to work a flicker of regret that I didn't wear an extra coat - or any coat, technically - passes through my head, I'll just go straight into the mode of a married couple held together by little more than a 'til-the-kids-go-to-college countdown -- "it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon..."

Happy Spring, DC!


dc girl said...

You're not really wearing that today, are you? It's fucking freezing outside!

Johanna said...

I did, indeed! Viva la Springtime!

Anonymous said...

Marry me!

bff in chicago said...

Between Montesquieu and he-who-shall-not-be-named, I'm pretty sure she's taken.

Sad but true for her admirers out there.

Britney's single though :-)

west coast devotee said...

Boo for cold spring weather -- it's gorgeous here! And I promise, by the time you touch down at LAX, I'll have converted the state to red :-)