15 March 2007

Rayburn style.

Rayburn House Building style.

Don't know what it looks like, but from 11:30-1:30 today, in between seeking out Michele Bachmann for advice on how to be crazy and still get elected and letting the all-the-Chinese-are-spies rantings of a China "specialist" go in one ear and out the other, I'm dedicated to finding out if 'Hill' style is any different - any better - than its ConnAve counterpart.

I was going to write up something on what I encountered yesterday at Bolling, but let's just say the crowd was so far gone with flaky unmoisturized, unmakeup-ed faces, red and white snowflake-printed tube socks stuffed into brown block-heeled square-toed buckled boot-shoes and literally, every other female (I can't bring myself to say, "woman") with untended-to, half-wet, product-free hair pulled back into a waffle-textured scrunchie, that last night, when I sat down to write, I thought, "What's the point, really?"

I'm crossing my fingers the JV skinterns give me something more to work with.


bff in chicago said...

Take pictures, please!

Anonymous said...


brown rowergirl said...

If I know you at all, you're not looking at the women, you're just flirting - excuse me, *talking* - with all those middle-aged suits.

Am I right, JC?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Things have gone downhill at Bolling. I mean, it was
never glam central, but back between 1999-2001 they were thought to have some of the best dressed, best-looking women in the Community.
Of course, I only saw the Southwest Asia folks. Maybe China experts are more ... challenged.


Anonymous said...

Skinterns - HAH!

Anonymous said...

I sent a fax to Rayburn house today!