02 March 2007

Only three days left.

This Sunday marks the final day of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's three month exhibit of the late Nan Kempner's extraordinary collection of vintage couture evening gowns.

Admission is $20 per person; museum hours are 9:30am-9pm on Friday and Saturday and 9:30am-5:30pm on Sunday.

As an early birthday present, a dear friend surprised me a couple of weeks ago with his plan to Amtrak us up there where we would enjoy a Friday night eating true, make-your-lips-blister-and-bleed Sichuan laziji and sipping cocktails tens of tens of floors above Central Park South.

The shiny penny of the 24 hour trip, however, is that on Saturday, following a traditional lox-and-bagels brunch, we will take in the penultimate day of 'American Chic,' an experience from what I've read in several media outlets feels less like a formal exhibit than it does an intimate tour through the seven color, fabric and event coordinated closets of the woman Yves Saint Laurent referred to throughout his life as "his greatest muse."

I'd try to get there yourself, but if you can't, expect a full, starry-eyed report sometime Saturday evening.


a fan said...

That white gown with the purple Pucci clutch in today's "Sugar Daddy" would look amazing on you. Maybe Cannes or Monte Carlo?

With a summer tan and some Jimmy Choos, of course, too :-)

If I could, I'd get 'em all for you for your 27th...

brown rowergirl said...

Another NYC trip? Were you going to tell me you were coming, or is this just another of your just passing through kind of visits?

You'll have fun, as you always do, with your sexy man in the big city. I assume it's with him, right?

Good for you -- livin' the dream.

I love seeing you so happy.


Johanna said...

What I'd give for that dress, that clutch, that tan, those shoes, and and a reason to be in one of those cities.

What I'd GIVE!

Johanna said...

No, no, B, just a friend this time.

The other one is not so much going to work out. Rachael sings it best: "he only wanted me the way he wanted me."

But you are right, he *is* sexy.

nyc admirer said...

Don't know who y'all are talking about, but from what I can gather, he sounds like a fool.

You're gold, doll.