14 March 2007

Now it's personal

Not only did Mushy-Bottom Barton bring her puppy Ziggy to a restaurant knowing full-well he wouldn't be allowed to join her - and that she wouldn't be dining al-fresco on a crisp winter Manhattan day - but she also pulled the reprehensible move of leaving the wittle baby tied up in a place, at an angle, where he can't even see her.

You may have run over my foot with your Mercedes S-class the day before my first marathon, you may have left me to pay your $400 bar tab at Big Hunt last St. Patrick's Day, and you may have punched my Mom in the gut after church, but disrespecting a puppy?

Now it's personal. Now it's on, bitch.


bff in chicago said...

That's such a sad photo. What a heartles, jobless bitch.

Anonymous said...

That's despicable. And after you praised her dress last week, too!