16 March 2007


You may be wondering where that post on Rayburn style I promised you yesterday morning is hiding.

Truth is, in typical Washington form, my event was postponed an hour before it was supposed to begin, and I never had a chance to see if my suspicions that the good-looking interns live under their bosses desks and that the rest of the them almost perfectly match their boxy Ann Taylor Loft twinsets to the the beige walled, beige floored and beige doored corridors were actually true.

Another time, I promise.


pvd admirer said...

I don't think I've seen this shot of Miz Lewinsky. She doesn't look half-bad 50 lbs lighter.

I'd blue-dress her, too, probably.

a fan said...

Agreed. She looks really quite hot here. Maybe Bill's judgment wasn't that far off, after all.

And after living with that bitchy dog of a wife of his for so long, can anyone blame the guy for wanting something different? Something less vomit inducing?