24 March 2007

All too familiar

I don't know how many of you have already had the privilege to watch this music video that is my inner dialogue every time I pass by Miu Miu platform t-straps or Delman flats in the two window displays at Hu's Shoes in Georgetown, but even if you've already seen Liam Kyle Sullivan's masterpiece simply entitled "Shoes," you know you want to see it again.

A reader turned me onto this, and now I can't get enough. Literally. After my fourth consecutive stream, Monte started giving himself earmuffs.

If you're at work, turn the volume down or slip in those iBuds -- especially in the last 45 seconds. For those of you who think the creator could have achieved his point without all the expletives, you surely don't love shoes as much as my friends and I do. I can assure you, if a saleswoman threw us a sassy eyeroll and told us our feet were "uh, kinda big," you best believe the f-bomb would fly and be followed by no fewer than three b-grenades.

Enjoy "Shoes" by Liam Kyle Sullivan:


Anonymous said...

I sooo want a "Betch" t-shirt now.

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...


CafePress to the rescue.

Also, betchslap.com

Johanna said...

You are TOO awesome! I am definitely getting the "OMG Shoes!" tee with the largest font in the smallest size. Fer sure.

Thanks, betch!

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever seen. And the swearing *is* necessary at the end.

knew you as hannie said...

I'm sooo referring to you as "betch" from now on.

dc girl said...

Love it!