09 February 2007

Why Rachel Bilson is my *favoritest*

Borrowing a term I often hear Brit Bit use in reference to spicy corn chips and/or babymaking, these pictures below of Rachel Bilson at Zac Posen's runway show last night are just four more reasons why RB is my absolute favoritest young fashion plate.

From the neck up, she's bohemian sweet with a touch of foxy lady; from the neck down, she's her signature mix of prim, classic-beauty, and age-and-venue-appropriate sexiness.

And notice how she's able to pull off the floral-in-winter look I wrote about yesterday. True, she went for the white-base which I specifically counseled against, but she did so in a surprisingly acceptable manner, which was to temper the white with a large, black-dominant print and black accessories. Save for those delicious ruby nails and lips, of course.

If there is anything I would have done differently, it would have been to forgo the tights. I don't care for the look of bare skin up top - especially a swath as large as her deeply scooped neckline exposes - with opaque on bottom. If she had worn even an elbow-length-sleeved black top underneath her dress, I wouldn't have a problem with the tights, but the way it is with the lack of balance between top and bottom, I just don't feel completely comfortable with it.

Anyway, please join me in enjoying my favoritest style star in my favoritest city with one of my favoritest designers:

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