16 February 2007

Where do I know you from?

I was about to feature this Jay Ahr backless gold mini ($3,000 at net-a-porter.com) as tomorrow's "If I had a sugar daddy" item when my-always-thinking-about-nothing mind reminded me we'd met before.

Had we?

I thought about it during dinner, and I thought about it during my icy slip-n-slide of a dog walk, but it wasn't until the "jail julep" confiscation came into full-swing on "Lockup: Return to Pelican Bay" on MSNBC, that it finally hit me. There in the upper right-hand corner of the voluminous style vault that is my memory, I'd found it at last.

"Factory Girl."

Upon closer comparison, it's not exactly the same bare-back micro-mini Edie wore in the scene in which she's whisked away from the factory to meet Bob Dylan - the Ahr dress gathers more at the base of the back, while Sienna's simply scoops - but it is a damn near perfect interpretation.

Now if I could just find a third version about $2,700 less expensive...

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