11 February 2007

Sienna's loveliness parade marches on

Back-a-licious in a light aqua, henna-print jersey gown, Sienna walked the red carpet resplendently at tonight's BAFTA Awards in London where she was nominated for two awards: sexiest back in the business and most consistently fierce eye makeup.

Naturally, she won in both categories.

Where would one most likely see such a dress in the District?

Perhaps at the Round Robin for 27th birthday celebration cocktails. Perched on a stool, of course, so the wearer's back could be envied and desired properly.

Or, maybe at a dress-code-not-specified party hosted by someone else's company. Before you do this, however, be sure to get down pat a believable delivery of the following line: "Oh, I'm so embarrassed, I had NO idea I would be so overdressed!"

Then there's my personal favorite: at a black-tie wedding of a bride you've been waiting to teach the sorry-but-you're-not-the-hottest-one-in-this-friendship lesson.

This gown is best enjoyed while sipping a neat Macallan 18 with a water-back.


Anonymous said...

looks vintage. beautiful.

Anonymous said...

back-a-licious is right. wow.

so this is your b-day dress huh? not bad.

nyc admirer said...

I don't think I've ever seen a woman as comfortable with her body as Sienna is.

Well, maybe one other woman...

Anonymous said...

Subtle, NYC admirer, *real* subtle.

west coast devotee said...

never liked her before, but you're turning me onto her.

love the YouTube clip from yesterday. you should be living that life!

Johanna said...

to "West Coast devotee":

You're right, I *should* be living that life...but only a couple of days a week. I honestly couldn't keep up with all the indulgent self-absorption.

Yes, that was a joke :-)

nyc admirer said...

I wasn't trying to be subtle, but I wasn't trying to be vulgar, either.

By implying that a woman is comfortable with her body isn't meant to be sexually charged. I'm just sayin' that she's confident in her looks and her figure to a point where it's really striking. These are the women who wear whatever they want, whether it's shorts or a dress or a suit, and you know they think they are the most attractive one in the room everytime they enter. They may or may not be, but that they *think* they are is incredibly sexy.

Johanna's had that for as long as I've known her...about 8 years now, is it?

Johanna said...

9 years in Septebmer.

And yeah, I guess I sorta do have that full-of-myself attitude when I walk into a room. Unless, that is, it's a room filled with China experts, all of whom just read my article on CMC leadership trends.

THEN I get nervous.

And that's where the needed boost from my confidence color comes in handy...