13 February 2007

"Serendipity" on the couch beats the Ritz anyday

As much as I seem to prefer the finer things in life - the Marchesa dresses, the Brian Atwood pumps, the Karoo cashmere tunics and the room service at Central Park South five-stars - there's nothing like an impending Valentine's Day to remind me just how important the intangibles - the in-bed belly laughs, the hand-in-hand walks and the we-have-so-much-fun-together looks - truly are.

So, for those of you in the throes of a fabulously healthy and happy relationship, I hope tomorrow is Roberta Flack's "The first time ever I saw your face" played out in real life.

Really, I do.

And to prove it, here's a playlist my 13lb Valentine and I put together that's perfect to induce (in no particular order) lip-biting kisses on the kitchen countertop, slow dances in the living room, and bah'um massages in the bedroom.

Our gift to you.

Valentine's Day '07
1. I only have eyes for you (The Flamingos)
2. You're so desirable (Billie Holiday & Teddy Wilson)*
4. I thought about you (Frank Sinatra)
5. When I fall in love (Nat King Cole)
6. When you know (Shawn Colvin)
7. A soft place to fall (Allison Moorer)
8. Moonlight (Bob Dylan)
9. This year's love (David Gray)
11. The promise (Tracy Chapman)*
12. Reason why (Rachael Yamagata)
13. Most of the time (Sophie Zelmani)
14. Fallen (Lauren Wood)
15. Tell him (Lauryn Hill)

* tracks not available through iTunes


west coast devotee said...

I'd trade my Valentine for that pup any day of the week. What a cutie pie!

jo's partner in crime said...

I'd just as soon trade mine for the other one in the picture.

And I'm a heterosexual female!

Anónimo No Más said...

Cuteness you two. I recommend the dailypuppy.com for those in search of a valentine.

Congratulations on your 250th post. I have had a blog for four years and I don't think I've made it that far.

brown bear '02 said...

Uh, not sure Rachael's music is appropriate for a *romantic* Valentine's Day.

The rest is good.

I love the Pretty Woman track.

Johanna said...

Yeah, that's the red-dress song.

Hard not to fall in love when that's playing...

Glad to share all of these songs with you. They've served me well and have been cooped up for too long on my iPod. Hope they brighten up your Valentine's Day!

brown bear '02 said...

You two are SO CUTE together! That's so not a coincidence that you turned to your left, is it?

I know you, girl.

a fan said...

I just made this iMix on my own iPod. I actually find it more depressing than anything else, but hey, that can be romantic, too!

My favorite tracks are the Rachael one and the David Gray one.