05 February 2007

"It's so damn cold out -- open-toed shoes were a BAD choice."

I have nothing but my vanity to blame for my near-frozen toes this morning.

I knew today was going to be the coldest day of the season, so why I decided to don my new pair of black suede with black/gray-grosgrain-bow peeptoes sans tights is beyond any reasonable explanation.

As for unreasonable explanations, there was only this one: I wanted to share with the world my recent transition from Onyx Black to Double Decker Red on both my fingers and toes.

The only thought running through my head the entire four and a half block walk from home to work- and apparently out loud as well, according to the man in the elevator - was my own take on the classic, quite apropos Ron Burgundy line: "It's so damn hot out -- milk was a BAD choice."

A bad choice, indeed, but at least I wore a heavy trouser instead of the matte jersey pencil skirt I laid out last night.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've EVER heard you complain about ANYTHING high-heel related.

you wait around long enough, and you really do see and hear everything.

hope those pretty little toes have thawed out by now!

nyc admirer said...

I agree with anonymous. I don't like hearing the heel-queen complain.

suck it up and be the the one girl I know who'd actually choose to wear heels over bath slippers in the kitchen.

knew you as hannie said...

you lay your clothes out the night before?

it's official, you are my idol.