01 February 2007

A new walk home.

I made the decision this morning to change my walk home.

For more than 18 months I've been a devoted M Street girl; I know well the Burberry on the corner of ConnAve, the smoker's haven under the overhang on the corner of 17th, the do-gooders with their clipboards and their earth-friendly clothing on the corner of 16th, and so on.

This change isn't because I wasn't happy with my route - it is after all, the shortest path from point A (home) to point B (work) - but more out of a need to inject some new scenery into my life.

And new scenery I got.

On M Street, I used to see frumpy women who wore plaid clogs and carried those bags made of woven, recycled seatbelts. I would see grown women carrying lunch boxes walking into professional buildings without a stitch of makeup. K Street is a whole new world with the St. Regis Hotel, more power lunch destinations than I have peeptoes, and men in fur coats who yell at valets to "chop chop" their 7-series. Who would ever have thought that just two blocks over - a hop, skip and a CVS away - from my everyday routine I would see a winter-white Armani pantsuit, smell my Dior fragrance at two different intersections, and hear for four uninterrupted blocks the glorious click-click-clicking of women too proud and too vain to trade their stilettos for something more sensible? I've never felt so at home.

And I've never felt so proud to be a DC woman.

This change is going to be good for all of us.


a fan said...

men in fur coats? lobbyists have far too much money.

nyc admirer said...

I'm going to start using "chop chop" as a verb in my everyday life now.

bff in chicago said...

those extra two blocks in heels everyday will no doubt make your killer legs even more lethal...if that's possible :-)

how's the training going? only 3 months to go!

Anonymous said...

so the women on Connecticut Ave "tromp" but the women on K St "click"?